22 “Golden” Fitness Rules You Need To Break

Posted on 21-Apr-2016 by Kripa Jalan

When it comes to fitness, there are certain “golden rules”, you’ve been told you must not break. Don’t eat carbs at night, crunch your way to a 6 pack, you can’t lift if you’re old, vegetarians can’t build muscle and so on. You get the drift. But I’m not here to repeat the conventional holier than thou traditions here. There is plenty of questionable weight loss and health care advice doing the rounds anyway. Some of it is misleading, some misinterpreted and some potentially dangerous if not senseless. So who is to know what to believe?

If you feel like your performance has stagnated or you’re not seeing the results you’ve been hoping to see; it’s time to join the rebellion. Break the rules. Here are 22 policies you’re better off without and why.

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