Stubborn Fat : What’s The Deal?

Posted on 09-May-2016 by Kripa Jalan

Stubborn Fat : What’s The Deal?

You’re busting your butt off at the gym, your diets on track, you see results initially and then everything comes to a standstill. There’s no more improvement in terms of performance or aesthetics. So what do you do? You hit an extreme. You either give up or you go all out, diet harder and/or train harder. But, nothing happens. You’ve hit a plateau. Cutting to the chase, nothing stagnates progress more than regimen. Be it diet or training. Yes, burn more than you consume is the universal formula to cut fat. However, when it boils down to the last few pounds it isn’t just about creating a calorie deficit anymore. Hormonal balance, starts playing an increasing vital role as you progress down your fitness journey. Ever wondered why you tend to store fat only in certain areas? Well, you have your hormones to blame for that. They coerce your body into a specific fat storage pattern. With the incorrect approach your metabolism will start to slow down and it’ll be that much harder for you to transform your body.

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