The Top 10 Contenders : Worst Fitness Advice

Posted on 10-Jun-2016 by Kripa Jalan

The Top 10 Contenders : Worst Fitness Advice

You want to get back into shape. Quickly. What do you do? Join a gym, take on some extreme diet or skim through a magazine to read “The Best Way To Get Rid Of Belly Fat”? After all the clock’s ticking. Once you’re given the age old wisdom, “Cut Carbs At Night”, “Go Gluten Free”, “ Run like an animal” and even “Crunch your way to a 6 pack”. Sure, some advice is extremely helpful and keeps you from getting injured. But there’s also a whole lot, which can be misleading, if not down right ridiculous. Turns out, there’s plenty of bad advice out there and chances are if you spend ample time at the gym, you’ve heard some of it too.

So here are our top 10 contenders:

  1. ‘X’ is the best time to work out:

While there is some scientific research regarding specific types of training being best at specific times, let’s be practical. For most of us, the best time to train, is the time that works best. If you prefer going to bed early, maybe a late night training session isn’t the best for you. On the other hand, if you’re a late riser, forcing yourself to wake up at 6 a.m. and push a 10k run, might just deter you from doing so again.

2. Every workout should kick your butt:

So basically, if you’re not dripping buckets at the end of your session or panting away to glory, you haven’t had an effective workout. This can be confusing. Unfortunately many people use the intensity of their workout as a measure for how effective it is. In truth, not all workouts are going to kick your butt. You could be building strength or even developing a skill to improve in the future. There’s a lot more going on.

3. Heavy weight training will bulk you up:

So avoid weights like the plague. This one makes me cringe. It’s nearly impossible for women to build muscle the way men do. Our testosterone levels are WAY lesser than those of men. Unless you’re pumping yourself full of “stuff” and eating surplus calories, you will not turn into the she-hulk. In fact you’ll enjoy the perks of strength training like improved bone density, body symmetry, a tight body, better mental focus and a revved up metabolic rate.

 4. Light weights and high reps to get toned:

Go to the dumbbell rack, pick the smallest pair of weights and go all out. Go for 50-60 reps. If that’s to easy, take a lighter weight and aim for a 100 reps. I mean you don’t want to get bulky, right? Well, you won’t. Neither will you get toned. In order to “tighten” all that lose skin, you’re going to have to build lean muscle mass. Going for reps over 20, does nothing for you in terms of strength and muscle mass, beside build endurance.

5. Buy the best apparel and equipment:

Yes because apparently, a pair of toning shoes, will give you a tight butt just like that. Also compression gear will magically tighten your thighs. And you should only be using machines, if you have access to elite equipment with 3 million movable parts. The treadmill goes up to 21 kmph. ? Only IF you could do that somewhere outside. I hate to break it to you but your body is an outcome of the hard work you put into it, nothing else. Whether you’re sweating away in an old tattered t-shirt or in the newest dry-fit apparel makes no difference.

6. Only cardio to lose weight:

Peddle away on the cycle or run miles on a treadmill. Well that’s how you’ve heard you’ll lose weight right? There’s no doubt that cardio plays an important role in weight loss. However with strength training, your body will continue to torch calories even after you’ve left the confines of the gym. That’s the after burn effect for you. At the end of the day in order to lose weight, you’ve got to burn more than you consume.

7. BMI is an accurate measure of fitness:

You see a healthcare professional, he quickly notes down your height and weight and categorizes you as normal, obese, overweight or underweight. He’s noting down your Body Mass Index. So he’s putting a 160 pound 6 foot athlete in the same category as a 160 pound couch potato. Just picture the two. What you need to keep track off is your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) & Body Fat Percentage, which varies from person to person an is way more accurate a measure than BMI.

 8. All calories are created equal:

Or If it fits your macros (IIFYM). So say you can eat 200 g of carbs in a day. Why not load up on cookie dough? Who wants to eat boring old rice and grains, when you can devour sweet heavenly food? Well on paper it may make sense. Reality, not so much. The different carbs affect your body in different ways. With simple carbs like sugar, you experience blood sugar spikes which makes it hard to burn fat. As opposed to complex carbs like whole wheat, which provide sustained energy and stable blood glucose levels.

9. Fat burners will get you shredded:

Only if it were that easy. The product itself is a SUPPLEMENT. Which means it’s meant to supplement your diet, not work as a magic pill. If you’re diets wrecked, there’s no amount of protein shakes, fat burners or other promising pills that can save you. In fact some fat burners, contain a significant amount of stimulants like caffeine. If you don’t have a tolerance for it it’s most likely you’ll send your heart racing and end up jittery.

 10. Low fat foods are always healthy:

These days almost everything is low fat. On our trip to the grocery store, we see something that says low fat in big bold letters and boom it goes into our baskets. Just because a food is low fat, doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain sugar and other additives that have been added to improve the shelf life and taste of the product. Energy drinks? 0 fat? But about 40 g of sugar, no biggie?

Which do you think is the worst? 

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