Cholesterol Is Not The Problem - Here's Why

Posted on 23-May-2016 by Kripa Jalan

We think cholesterol, we think heart disease and death as a conclusion. Quite obviously anyone would shudder at that very thought. But what if I told you that everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is wrong. That it’s made and required by each and every cell in your body. That your hormones require it to function optimally. And that without it we’d be dead.

For decades we blamed cholesterol as the root cause of heart disease - turns out we were wrong. Even the American Heart Association that waged war on cholesterol reversed their standing on it. So If you’ve been told to pick lean cuts of meat and avoid egg yolks to lower your cholesterol levels - maybe get a second opinion (because there are many, inclusive of professionals who are following 30+-year-old research).

Because dietary cholesterol or the one you get from food has little to no effect on blood cholesterol. Furthermore, it’s poorly absorbed and rapidly eliminated!

Another fun fact? More than half the people hospitalized for heart attacks HAVE PERFECTLY NORMAL CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. And that there are plenty of people living whole and healthy lives with high cholesterol levels.

Speaking of which - You may have heard that LDL is “bad cholesterol.” Ironically, LDL isn’t even cholesterol. It’s a big container that carries important compounds throughout your blood. Cholesterol is only one of many passengers in LDL, and if you’re in good shape, it rarely leaves the carrier.

Cholesterol doesn’t just build up and “clogs your arteries,” like grease blocking a pipe. It is actually the repair molecule that shows up to heal damaged cells. When your arterial walls get damaged, cholesterol arrives to fix the problem. The issue is that LDL particles carrying cholesterol are large, and they can get stuck in the tear in your arterial wall. So you can see it’s the size of the particle that matters and not the total count. Just looking at your highlighted reading in the blood test will freak you out. But don’t - a better biomarker to use is looking at the TC: HDL ratio.

So if you were to think about it would you decrease cholesterol and deprive your body of the ability to repair the damage or get rid of whatever’s causing holes in the walls of your arteries, to begin with. 

Quite obviously - you want to target the root cause of the problem, not the symptom. It’s inflammation that causes heart disease - and smoking, the lack of movement, sugar consumption, poor eating habits, and chronic stress are just a few of the triggers to blame in this regard. So if you were to work on keeping inflammation in check, you’d be doing your heart a huge favor.

With regard to eggs, here's what you need to know!


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