Women & Weight Training

Posted on 04-Feb-2016 by Kripa Jalan

Gone are the days, where men single-handedly ran the fitness sphere. It’s no longer a rare sight to see a woman pumping some serious iron at the gym, going that extra mile in a marathon, or engaging in a core crushing Pilate’s routine. Since time immemorial there have been these preconceived notions about how a woman’s body should be.

She shouldn’t be too “fat” nor should she be to “skinny”. The Internet is buzzing with body shamming stories and the consequent controversies they create. Society’s idea of a modern day woman may have changed drastically in many aspects. However, when it comes to lifting weights, women who weight train often face the occasional “you’re getting too manly”. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who fear just that, “getting bulky”. While I agree, not all women want to build muscle, I do believe we need to send out the right message and support and encourage the ones who do, given the number of young female athletes on the rise.


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