Eat Fat - Get Lean |Benefits of Consuming Healthy Fats

Posted on 07-Jun-2016 by Kripa Jalan

Eat Fat - Get Lean |Benefits of Consuming Healthy Fats

Too many carbs, too little fiber, surplus fat in the diet. We continue to look for that one cause that’s creating havoc on the weighing scale, so that we can target it and be on our way. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Only if it were that simple. In the recent past, dietary fats have become quite infamous, having been linked to a myriad of diseases, be it obesity or heart disease. The truth remains that fats are an essential part of your diet, making for one of the three major food groups. Historically, the main problem with fat intake, lay with consuming too much total fat, excess of the bad stuff and too little of the good stuff. If you’re gunning to lose fat, trim down it’s total amount in your diet.

Fats take the longest time to digest, owing to their insolubility in water. Part of the ingested fats are absorbed the lymph system, part are transported to the liver, for energy purposes and the rest, which is not utilized is converted to fat stores. When overall calorie intake increases above the requirement, the tendency to get converted to fat is amplified. They work wonders for the body in terms of fuel, providing insulation, enhancing brain function and protecting internal organs. However, despite these roles, these macronutrients have been shunned time and again. This led to the mass production of fat-free and low fat foods. However, these supposedly life-changing foods did little for the cases of obesity, which continued to surge. For most of us, getting adequate fat in the diet is never a problem. While fats benefit your health in many ways, too much of the wrong stuff can impact the body negatively be it cancer or cardiac diseases. These findings helped us shift our focus to the difference between good fats and bad fats and made room for this powerful food group to make a come back.


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