Regular Vs. Diet Coke : Is One Really Worse Than The Other?

Posted on 01-Aug-2016 by Kripa Jalan

Regular Vs. Diet Coke : Is One Really Worse Than The Other?

We order a diet coke instead of a regular one at lunch, and think we’re doing ourselves a good deed. A normal Coke contains 240 calories and about 68 grams of sugar (That’s 17 teaspoons of white poison) , while a diet coke has zero calories and zero sugar. Zilch. Nada.

You’re already aware of the fact that carbonated beverages are bad for you. So I’m not going to harp on about that. But what you may not know is that, most of our added sugar consumption comes from sweetened beverages. So it’s a major contributor to the expanding waistlines, around the world. Some even say the chemicals these drinks contain are cancerous, then we’re also told they’ll rot away our precious teeth.

You know the not so sweet truth about sugar. You know it can potentially kill you. So what’s the solution? Are we doomed to consume boring old, unflavoured water? There come the sugar-free beverages to put us out of our misery. Ah..The zero calorie lure.

So diet coke contains no sugar, so it can’t be all that bad, right? But do the benefits of consuming a low calorie beverage outweigh the risks of the added chemicals? Since pretty much all of us are obsessed with the way we look, let me put you out of your misery first. Diet coke doesn’t make you fat. Well at least not the way you think it might.

Diet Coke & Weight Gain:

So consuming fewer calories than you burn, is the universal formula to losing weight. Consequently, swapping a regular Coke for a Diet Coke might save you the calories. Having said that, although it may not directly result in weight gain, it’s no innocent onlooker either. Before you start cursing everyone whose blatantly told you that Diet Coke will make you fat, get this.

It’s been proven that people who consume this beverage, tend to compensate for the lack of calories from unhealthier food options. In the bargain, they end up consuming more calories in totality than expected.We feel a false sense of security. We’re delusioned into underestimating how much food we’re actually consuming.

That’s the reason some people tend to get upset when they’re on a diet. They end up gaining weight/remaining stagnant even though they’re eating sugar free, gluten free, dairy free or the likes.

All in all, it’s not the Diet Coke that’s making us fat, it’s eating surplus calories after.



Carbon Dioxide + Water = Carbonic Acid

For the record, that’s what we use to get rid of stains. Just saying.


Providing no flavor, just plain and simple colour it’s use is widespread in the food industry. Think of caramel color as burnt sugar, with a low calorific content.


It combines with magnesium and calcium to form salts that aren’t absorbed. Lowering bone density in the process. DO you know what it’s great for though? Removing rust. Yes.


Along with vitamin C, potassium benzoate can form benzene. Benzene is a known carcinogen. That’s one of the sources from where the whole cancer debate stemmed.


We tend to equate natural with healthy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true for everything. These could be anything under the sun, since a representative from coca cola refused to discuss their unique blend. But they claim they are “safe”.


Used as a bathroom cleaner, but also to provide the sour taste in our beverages. It’s known to erode the tooth enamel.


Our very favorite stimulant and widely used ergogenic aid, could end in dependence and addiction.


This may not come as a shocker to you, but not everything on the internet is true. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, due to the diversity in our bodies, it’s very hard to pin information down as right or wrong. Rarely ever our things in this area set in stone. Everyone has their two bits to give.

Aspartame is a “sugar-free” chemical, used to replace sugar. It’s about 200 times sweeter than regular sucrose, which is why it’s used in only small amounts. One of the problems assosciated with anything sugar-free is it sharpens your sweet tooth. So although it might seem like a lucrative option to those struggling to maintain a healthy calorific intake, but it defeats the very purpose of switching to it. Aspartame has 92 side effects listed by the FDA.

The most widespread notion is that aspartame causes cancer.

But just like the brown rice vs. white rice debate, and egg yolk cholesterol myth, this one’s debatable. While some studies link this terrible disease with this additive, it’s never definitively been proven. Correlation doesn’t always prove causation. Now by no means do I mean, go about chugging crates of diet coke. It’s just a little truth shedding on a controversial topic.

The Takeaway: 

It’s safe to conclude that soda in any form, sugar loaded or sugar free is terrible for you. The former will cause diabetes, weight gain, metabolic issues etc. The latter will indirectly cause weight gain and sharpen you already sweet, sweet tooth.

Here at Burgers To Beasts, we’re all about sustainable change and meal patterns that you’ll actually follow. So if you’re consuming a crate of diet cokes a day, cut it down by 1 a week. Soon you may not even need one a day.

Switching from a carbonated beverage to a zero calorie one may be alright. However, if you’re not changing anything else in your diet don’t expect to see any drastic changes. It may not contain calories, but it’s still created in a lab with CHEMICALS. A big mac, with side of fries and a diet coke? You’re headed down a treacherous path.

If you turn to soda for the caffeine content, you’ve got healthier options with black coffee and green tea. But if its’ the sugar you’re looking for, the problem lies with addiction not the beverages at hand.

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