Seed Cycling : The Natural Way To Balance Hormones

Posted on 09-Sep-2019 by Kripa Jalan

Anything that affects our reproductive health, affects your overall health - and our ever so delicate hormones are a big part of the equation. Which is why balancing our misfiring hormones, is the key to achieving a balanced weight, mindset, and body.

Menses 101:

Our menstrual cycle can be broken down to 2 phases:

Day 1-14: Follicular Phase - Menses begin on day 1. The body ramps up Estrogen production and an egg is matured for Ovulation.

Day 14-28: Luteal Phase - Ovulation occurs on day 14 or halfway through your cycle following which the egg is released. The now-empty follicle turns into a structure that produces Progesterone and helps prepare the uterine lining for pregnancy. If the egg is not fertilized, you get your period. The lining of your uterus, also known as the endometrium, sheds during your period, and your body begins building it again in order to prepare for a fertilized egg.

**  This is based on a 28-day cycle. But please note, you may have a cycle that is longer or shorter. So please don't stress, and simply adapt the cycle to fit your cycle.

I’m not a doctor - none of my advice is meant to cure or treat an illness, but I do know a thing or two about nutrition and the profound impact it can have in making or breaking wellbeing.

Conventional medicine is great in emergencies - in keeping our hearts beating when all else fails. It’s not half as great at keeping your heart healthy and you out of the hospital, to begin with! More often than not, it acts as a Band-Aid on a knife would - while the root cause (generally your lifestyle) remains untouched.

If you’re struggling with PMS, PCOS, PCOD, irregular periods, acne, breast tenderness or are even coming off birth control - a natural way to nourish your hormones is seed cycling.

What is seed cycling?

Our bodies produce hormones corresponding to the stage of the menstrual cycle we’re currently in. Seeds are essentially nutritional powerhouses that offer multiple nutrients and good quality fats to fuel these very hormones. So by including a rotation of seeds into your diet, you essentially equip your body to release the right hormones at the right time of your cycle, in the right amount.

How to start?

Step 1 - When your period arrives, eat 1-2 tbsp. Of unsalted, unroasted and freshly ground flax seeds or pumpkin seeds daily, till day 14. These seeds can help boost estrogen production while providing you with adequate fiber to not only nourish your gut but improve Estrogen metabolism.

Step 2 - Following ovulation, or once you’re halfway past your cycle - consume 1-2 tbsp. Of unsalted, unroasted and freshly ground sesame or sunflower seeds. Both these seeds can support healthy Progesterone levels - which is the hormone directly related to unwanted PMS symptoms like bloating, moodiness and insomnia!

Bonus Tips:

  1. Store the seeds in a dark and cool environment to prevent the essential fat from getting oxidized.
  2. Don’t like the idea of consuming plain seeds? Mix it in a smoothie, salad, soup or breakfast cereal!

Your turn. What do you do to nourish your hormones/deal with PMS symptoms? Get the conversation going in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @kripajalan or #BurgersToBeasts.


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