Beyond Sugar Challenge

A 7-Day Experiment

You generally won’t see me recommending a detox of any kind. We don’t need external pills, powders, and teas to cleanse our bodies - because our liver does a phenomenal job at detoxing it, by itself.

What makes this ‘challenge’ different is that we’re only avoiding added sugars, not the natural ones found in fruits and vegetables - that give us valuable nutrients. This is not a gimmicky weight loss solution.

I truly don’t believe in labelling foods as “good” or “bad” foods – because at a fundamental level food has no moral value.

Yet, with added sugars – it’s a complicated relationship.

It's safe to say that we're all consuming a lot more sugar than we think we are! It's not the occasional cakes and desserts, but what's quietly hidden in our everyday foods, that's creating a problem for our wellbeing.

The way it works is that the more sugar you eat, the more you’re able to tolerate—the more you become desensitized to the taste, requiring more to get the same effect.

This is not to say that you must avoid sugar at all costs for the rest of your life.

That’s miserable advice and it’s not practical.

The goal is for you to obtain a better understanding of added sugars and a chance to evolve your taste buds so that you crave less of it to begin with!

What You Get As A Client

  • 60-minute Seminar, with Kripa
    60-minute Seminar, with Kripa
  • WhatsApp Community, for accountability
    WhatsApp Community, for accountability
  • Comprehensive Program Guide, with explanations
    Comprehensive Program Guide, with explanations
  • Reading Labels & Shopping Guide
    Reading Labels & Shopping Guide
  • Exclusive Recipes etc.
    Exclusive Recipes etc.
  • Way Forward
    Way Forward

What To Expect

Here’s a brief overview of what past participants have achieved with our Beyond Sugar Challenge:

  • Improved energy levels, mood and focus
  • Balanced blood sugar, fewer cravings, and reduced emotional eating
  • Reduction in bloating and gut health
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Clearer and more radiant skin
All we require from you is an open mind and a 7-day commitment to being "good enough". For those trying an added sugar challenge for the first time, even getting through 3 days is a huge win. The format of the program is flexible and based on what you can do right now. You may feel so amazing that you’ll want to challenge yourself to break up with added sugar every couple of weeks or months! The goal is for you to finish this ‘challenge’ with a better understanding of added sugars, a toolkit to deal with withdrawals, and a chance to evolve your taste buds so that you crave less sugary-processed foods!


How does the program work?

Sign up, attend the 60-minute Zoom session conducted by Kripa, and get access to the program guide and recipes. Next, you will be assigned to a private WhatsApp group – where you can post your questions and also stay accountable for the challenge.

Is fruit allowed on the program?

Yes, absolutely. The focus is on added sugars not natural ones.

Will a diet plan be provided?

No, the goal is for you to obtain a better understanding of added sugars and a chance to evolve your taste buds so that you crave less of it to begin with! So, we’re dedicating all our energy towards making this goal a habit. However, if you require more comprehensive care, we recommend signing up for our personal nutrition coaching program

Can I eat out on the program?

Yes, if you choose to. We will provide you with guidelines to help navigate meals that are eaten outside your home.

I have food allergies/cultural preferences for food. Can I join?

Yes. The program is entirely customizable to your lifestyle.

I have an underlying health issue. Can I join?

Yes. However, the guidelines are not a substitute for medical advice. That being said, more often than not, managing sugar consumption is beneficial in the management, reversal and prevention of several health conditions.