If we could blame one food item for our diminishing health and increasing waistlines, it’s SUGAR.


When we consume sugar, our body has two options on how to deal with it:

  • 1. Burn it
    for energy
  • 2. Convert to fat
    and store it in your
    fat cells

The problem is there is a lot more room to be stored as fat and a lot less room for energy. Sigh. Unfortunately it doesn’t end there! Our liver, pancreas, cardiovascular system, cholesterol and even our moods take a hit!

Long Story Short


  • Difficulty shedding body fat
  • Tired even after sleeping enough
  • Experience sudden energy crashes / Fatigued most of the time
  • Insufficient sleep / Keep waking up
  • Feel bloated and gassy
  • Falling sick often / low immunity
  • Constant snacking, in spite of eating full meals
  • Breakouts / Acne
  • Hair fall / Poor texture of hair
  • Feel depressed and moody
    / Inability to think clearly
  • Lifestyle warnings from a medical professional
  • Poor recovery
  • Turning to food for comfort
  • Binge eating


You’re probably here, because
somewhere deep down you know
how bad sugar is for you and you
know just how ADDICTIVE it is.

But you feel the need for
CHANGE – so we’re going
to help you!


What You’ll Get

What You’ll Get:

  • A comprehensive PDF going over the guidelines and rules
  • Means to measure food without touching a weighing scale
  • Grocery List
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Accountability & Feedback
  • 24/7 access to a support group
Do this if your goal is to have

Do this if your goal is to have:

  • Better energy levels
  • Better immunity
  • Better body composition
  • Better focus
  • Better quality sleep
  • Better recovery
  • Better mood though the day
  • Better skin and hair
  • Better hormone health

Most importantly a healthier relationship with food and a new found love for your
health and body.

Don’t do this if

Don’t do this if:

  • You don’t think sugar is a problem for you
  • You want a quick and temporary fix
  • You don’t feel the need for a change
  • You aren’t coachable!
  • Here’s what we expect from you

    Here’s what we expect from you:
    A 21 day commitment and a 100% honesty!

  • Here’s what you can expect from us

    Here’s what you can expect from us:
    Unconditional support, motivation and accountability.

** We won’t hunt you down if you have a not so good day.
This is a shame free zone, if you fall down – you will pick yourself up and dust yourself off, there will always be place for you!


1Will a diet plan be provided?

Nothing will be decided by anyone but you. You are the boss of you! Our goal is to teach you how to eat. You will be provided with a comprehensive guideline PDF so that you can get creative and customize it to fit your lifestyle, ways to measure your food without touching a scale, recipes and full access to a support group!

2Can you work with young, old, overweight, already fit, inactive, etc. etc.

Come one, come all! We coach people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

3Will I have to starve?

Do pigs fly? But seriously, we encourage you to eat a lot of real foods. We want you to go to bed feeling happy and nourished.

4I’m vegetarian / vegan / have certain food intolerances. Can I still join the challenge?

Absolutely. We won’t put hard and fast rules on what to eat/what to restrict. You will be provided with a list of foods, that you can customize to suit your lifestyle and preferences. However, we will give you suggestions as to which foods to eat more off, which to eat in moderation and which we think you should avoid.

5What is the difference between the customized nutrition plan and the challenge?

The challenge is a group program (which opens only twice a year), so unlike the customized nutrition plan it cannot focus on specific needs and goals. Customized Plans begin with an in-depth consultation and assessment period and working one on one with Kripa. For someone who doesn’t want an extensive plan and/or struggles with consistency – this challenge is a great way to get started.

6What is the difference between the Eat Yourself Healthy Challenge (EYH) and The Break Up With Sugar Challenge (BWS)?

EYH is a challenge at developing better habits across the domains of health, nutrition and fitness. It’s also double the length of the BWS challenge – which is specifically catered to someone who wants to ditch sugar, but struggles to do so. If you’re someone whose main issue is sugar cravings or feel like they’d like to change one thing at a time – this one’s for you!

7Do I have to eat every 2-3 hours?

No, we encourage you to work with your appetite and time constraints. Whether you decide to eat 3 large meals or 5-6 small, frequent meals, it’s up to you!

8Where do I go for questions?

You have 24/7 access to us via the Facebook support group or email. Depending on the volume of messages we receive, you may not get an individual response right away, but we will get back to you as soon as possible!

9Why the Facebook support group?

Participating with a community helps one stay motivated, stay on track and accountable for daily progress. It’s a great way to garner support from individuals who are working towards the same goal as you! To be a kick ass healthy individual

10What should I expect at the end of the challenge?

Well that would depend on how well you follow it. But be realistic about what to expect in a few weeks. If you are currently extremely overweight, don’t expect to wake up in 3 weeks and see a rock-hard six-pack. At the same time, if you clean up your lifestyle and habits – you will be sure to see a change. Whether it’s an inch knocked off from your waist or better energy levels or better skin or better sleep. The list goes on

11How is the winner decided?

The decision is based upon your compliance to the challenges. How regularly one fills their logs, how active they are on the group with relevant information and how far they’ve progressed.