Customized Nutrition Plans

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose fat or work on a health condition – this program is customized to help you achieve your goals. Here’s to making a small investment in our health today!


  • 1 Month (4 Weeks)
    Get Started

    Begin establishing better habits and routines. Learn the basics of healthy eating.

    • Initial Consultation
    • 2 Check Ins/Follow Ups
    • 3 Body Composition Assessments
    • Individualized Food Plan


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    In Person

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  • 3 Months (12 Weeks)
    Stay Focused

    Understand what your body needs to look and feel it’s best. Be consistent with your newly adopted habits.

    • Initial Consultation
    • 6 Check Ins/Follow Ups
    • 7 Body Composition Assessments
    • Individualized Food Plan


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    In Person

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  • 6 Months (24 Weeks)
    Make It A Lifestyle

    Develop a healthy relationship with food and gain access to the skills, tools and habits to make your results last a lifetime.

    • Initial Consultation
    • 12 Check Ins/Follow Ups
    • 13 Body Composition Assessments
    • Individualized Food Plan


    Order Online

    In Person

    Order Online

* No Body Composition Analysis Included in the Online Programs!

What's included

  • Let’s Connect : Whether you’d like to come into our office for a chat (In Person Programs) or speak to us from the convenience of you’re home/office (Online Programs) – we aim to provide the best of our services!
  • Healthy Living Starts With You : Tell us your goals; we’ll help you get there. There is no “One Size Fits All” approach. Each one of us has different goals, needs, health histories, tendencies, likes and dislikes. During our first consultation we want to get to know you!
  • Body Composition Analysis : The conventional scale won’t tell you whether you’re “X” kilos of Muscle or “X” kilos of lethal fat! This comprehensive non-invasive test includes Body Fat%, Skeletal Muscle Mass, BMR and other important readings. We use these as markers of your progress!
  • Eliminate Complexity : We don’t want to give your eating habits a complete makeover. The more changes we make, the more overwhelming it can seem. We’ll break down your nutritional goals into small, strategic habits that translate to big results!
  • Customized Plan :We give you everything you need to move, look and perform better! The most important aspect of a customized plan is that there is no generalized template, no “guess work.” The program is developed using the information you provide us with about your needs and goal!
  • Stay accountable : We aim to provide you with support, accountability and direction through out the process. Whether you’re travelling or have had minor set backs we want to help you stay consistent!
  • Review : We don’t recommend logging everything that you eat daily, since it may not be practical. Instead we suggest you maintain a log a few times a week so that we can work together to improve weakness areas/habits holding you back!
  • Follow Up : Aside from staying in touch with us on a daily basis, we meet up – to review progress, take what’s working and improve on it and work on habits that may be holding us back. We’ll help you level up, by making any adjustments if necessary.
We wouldn’t recommend anything that’s out of your comfort zone!
What’s your goal
  • Gain Size

    Not every transformation story is a fat to thin one. It’s just as hard for a “skinny” person to gain size as it is for an “overweight” person to lose it. Getting stronger and bigger is a whole lot more than just eating more. We want you to put on healthy muscle mass not performance hindering fat. So if you’re looking to gain size, this one’s for you.

  • Fat Loss

    Losing weight isn’t rocket science; we have to eat less than we burn. But this doesn’t mean extremely restrictive ‘diets’. We despise the word ‘diet’. We believe in healthy eating, eating real foods and A LOT of them. If we focus on better eating practices, the results are bound to show in our bodies. We believe in sustainability and not depravation. Let’s face it, eating a bare minimum of calories is a miserable way to go through life. Notice how we said FAT loss and not WEIGHT loss. We want you to cut unnecessary fat and not vital muscle mass.

  • Athletes

    Athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts have special nutritional needs. Some of which may not be met from a basic nutrition plan. They need foods that will help them perform better, operate at max efficiency, provide adequate hydration, faster recovery and assist them in coming back in and training harder the consequent day. The timing, quality and composition of their meals play a vital role in performance enhancement. We have to understand that each sport has unique requirements. If you’re training to be the best version of yourself, you need more.

  • Condition Specific

    You hate being sick, but it seems inevitable. Whether you want to prevent disease or cure it, here’s something for you. You may not realize this, but your digestive tract play an extremely important role in warding off germs. The foods you consume directly affect how fast you recover. Why rely solely on artificial route of pills, when you can use natural foods to help stay whole and healthy?

    We can assist you in managing nutrition concerns such as
    Obesity management   |   High cholesterol   |   Diabetes   |   Thyroid issues   |  PCOS
    Nutritional Limitations e.g. Lactose Intolerance

  • Women

    Women are extremely tough, they work hard at home, at work and even in the gym. However, sometimes this toughness often results in unhealthy eating habits. At the other end of the spectrum there are few who adopt ‘fad diets’. Fad diets don’t work. They give you temporary satisfaction, but steal it away just as quick. More importantly, women are extremely sensitive to starvation, a state in which their bodies will shoot up the production of hormones stimulating hunger, resulting in insatiable hunger pangs amongst.

    As you can see women have extremely intricate nutritional needs, which mustn’t be ignored.

  • Men

    You spend hours at the gym doing hundreds of bicep curls and crunches. You supplement well. But you see minimal results. Ever wondered why? It’s because what you consume directly affects how well you build muscle, how fast you burn fat and how you progress. It’s true-your body is 80% nutrition 20% training. There is no magic supplement. It’s in the name. These products are meant to supplement your diets not act as meal replacers.

    They can’t out work a bad ‘diet’. We’ve got solutions for you. Whether you travel extensively, are always on the move, play a sport or even want to go from being a burger to a beast, this one is for you.

  • Group Challenge

    You’re at lunch with your friends, you’re trying to eat healthy and you order a hearty salad while your friends devour fries and cakes. You feel deprived and wonder why you’re doing what you are. Truth is it’s easier to stay on track when you have to work towards a common goal. Together you can motivate each other to eat better and help each other get back on track when one tends to deviate a little.

    It could even be a great chance to clean up your household kitchen and get your family to adopt better eating habits.