Personal Nutrition Coaching

Where the science of nutrition meets the art of behaviour change to create hyper-individualized strategies that help you eat well, live whole, and feel amazing.

Perhaps you've dabbled with the idea of a restrictive diet or been through several, given them your all, hoped that each "this would be it", only to land right back to where you started.

You're not alone.

Unfortunately, despite the main intention of several programs being weight loss, these attempts usually result in weight failure. Weight loss programs are not only ineffective in the long run but also can be physiologically and psychologically damaging. Dieters lose weight at first, but almost always gain it back along with body insecurities, emotional ties to food, and a suppressed metabolism.

Therefore, merging our love of nutrition science, habit formation, and behaviour change, along with experience coaching thousands of people first-hand, we redesigned what nutrition could feel like in a positive, enjoyable, and compassionate way. The most important aspect is that there is no generalized template, no "just doing it on your own."

By taking the focus off of weight loss and body composition, and instead concentrating on health and developing a positive relationship with food, you can avoid the emotional roller coaster associated with the dieting mindset while improving overall health and wellness.

One choice, whether 'good' or 'bad' makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. However, when consistency is created, and a pattern is formed that choice is amplified over the course of time.

It’s abundantly clear to us, that diets don’t work (in the long run) - but habits do and wish for anyone and everyone who adopts our philosophy to eat whole, live well, and feel amazing – no matter who they are or what their health history is.

How It Works

1:1 Coaching & Wellness

Detailed 60 minute on boarding and
goal-setting session with Kripa.

Personalised Plans
& Educational Material

Customised plan, recipes, educational guides,
and supplement recommendations.

& Support

Track meals, navigate challenges, ask questions
and access unconditional email support

Follow Ups
& Modifications

30-minute sessions with Kripa, every 2 weeks to
review progress and mutually set new goals!


Guidance to continue nourishing your body
and maintaining your resultsً on your own.

Is This For You?

Our tried and tested method is designed to work on several conditions, inclusive off but not limited to:

  • Body Dysmorphia, Disordered Eating, Binge Eating etc.
  • SIBO, IBS, IBD, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Constipation, Candida etc.
  • Type II Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS, Obesity etc.
  • Cardiovascular Disease, Cholesterol, Hypertension etc.
  • Hashimoto's, Hyper- and Hypo-Thyroid Adrenal Fatigue etc.
  • Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Mood Disturbances, Alzheimer's etc.
  • Pre- and Post Natal Lifestyle Care
  • Body Re-composition and Weight Management
  • Sport Specific Performance and Recovery

Invest in Your Health

3 Months -


  • One, 60-minute Initial Consult
  • Six, 30-minute Follow Up Consults
  • 1:1 Video Sessions
  • Personalised Plans, as required
  • Supplement Strategy
  • Customized Recipes
  • Educational Guides
  • Unconditional Email Support
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393 USD | 27,500 INR

3 Months -

In Person

  • One, 60-minute Initial Consult
  • Six, 30-minute Follow Up Consults
  • Seven, Body Composition Analyses
  • Personalised Plans, as required
  • Supplement Strategy
  • Customized Recipes
  • Educational Guides
  • Unconditional Email Support
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436 USD | 30,500 INR

Once you have signed up, you will instantly receive an email confirmation with a link to view and book a slot based on mutual availability.

The wait time on an appointment from the date of sign-up is between 6-8 days. Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and in case a slot opens up earlier, we will reach out to see if it works for you and if so, move you up!


"Kripa combines strong scientific principles of nutrition with a gentle and compassionate approach to healthy eating. I feel so much lighter and healthier from inside."

- Aparna B

"I want to thank you for teaching me to like myself even if it's a tad bit. I want to thank you for teaching me to be easy on myself."

- Abeer

"This degree of customization made her diet incredibly easy to incorporate, and results were apparent 6 weeks into the program."

- Akshay

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Who will be my nutritionist?

You will work directly with Kripa on all things nutrition – including your conducting sessions, answering queries, and designing individual plans.

What about my dietary preferences?

We tailor recommendations to your personal preferences and health needs. So, whether you’re vegetarian, paleo, vegan, and/or have cultural, religious, or ethical constraints - we’ve got you covered.

Why is the program so expensive?

We understand that our offerings may seem cost-intensive. However, we offer limited slots, direct correspondence with Kripa, and hyper-personalized solutions. Think of this as an investment. One that buys lasting results.

Do you offer shorter programs?

No! We strongly believe that 365 days of health can’t be created in 7-, 14-, and 21-day plans. This particular holds true for health issues – wherein the body takes longer to heal (symptoms like chronic gas and PMS would count too.)

What if I have questions/am travelling?

We encourage you to reach out as and when required. You will typically receive an email response within the same day, via email.

How much weight will I lose?

Weight change depends upon a number of factors – including the use of prescription medication, nutrient deficiencies, existing health concerns, age, activity levels etc. So, there’s no way to predict the future without knowing you better and working together. That being said, we think the human body can safely lose 2-3 kgs/month in a sustainable manner.

Will I starve?

Absolutely not. We don’t subscribe to the soup-salad-starvation module of diets. They simply don’t work in the long-term. In order to look, move, and feel your best; you require adequate high-quality fuel.

What's the difference between SHIELD and Personal Nutrition Coaching?

SHIELD is an online course (a fun one), that focuses on a different aspect of health, each week. It’s designed to provide you with a huge number of resources. It provides the basic foundation of wellbeing for those looking to improve their health on their own time. In contrast, in our personal nutrition coaching program, you work 1:1 with Kripa to develop customized meal plans and lifestyle suggestions, for your specific needs/health goals/illnesses.

What’s the difference between UnDiet and Personal Nutrition Coaching?

Our personal coaching program focuses on behaviour change. Here, you work 1:1 with Kripa. It’s great for those suffering from major or minor illnesses; or hyper-specific goals. UnDiet, is a group program and focuses on food psychology and intuitive eating. It’s for those who feel alone and isolated in the diet culture and want to find a way out.