Medical Nutrition Therapy

Re-imagine Medicine

No more late-night symptom searches or dead-end diagnoses. We go beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of your illness and deliver long-term healing.

Conditions We Work With

  • The Metabolic Spectrum: Diabetes, Obesity & Cardiovascular Disease

  • Digestive Issues: IBS, SIBO, & Leaky Gut

  • Hormonal Health: Adrenal Fatigue, PCOS & Thyroid

  • Energy, Immunity, and Inflammation

  • Pre-Natal, Pregnancy & Post-Partum Concerns

  • Unwell & Undiagnosed Cases

How It Works?



Identify and order advanced diagnostic lab tests, at your convenience.



Review detailed health history and lab test results during the initial consult.



Receive a personalized healing protocol, with supplement recommendations.



Track food, movement, and sleep, and receive unconditional email support.



Refine and update your protocol during follow-up sessions.

Invest in Your Health

3 Months -


  • 60-minute Initial Consult
  • 6 x 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
  • 1:1 Video Sessions
  • Personalised Plans, as required
  • Supplement Prescription
  • Customized Recipes
  • Educational Guides
  • Unconditional Email Support
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30,500 INR | 436 USD

3 Months -

In Person

  • 60-minute Initial Consult
  • 6 x 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
  • 7 x Body Composition Analyses
  • Personalised Plans, as required
  • Supplement Prescription
  • Customized Recipes
  • Educational Guides
  • Unconditional Email Support
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33,500 INR | 479 USD

Once you have signed up, you will be able to view and book a slot based on mutual availability. The wait time for an appointment from the date of sign-up is between 6-8 days. Appointments are available on a first come first serve basis.

Why Us?

Millions of individuals across the globe suffer from one or more diet-related illnesses. Importantly, behind the numbers are real people – those who need more than another diagnosis, prescription, or fad diet based on poor science.

If you’re struggling with one or more health concerns or even side effects from several medications, we hear you and we see you. Many patients sit across us day after day in the clinic, often with tears in their eyes and frustrated with not knowing where to begin.

So, we take the pressure off, providing nutritional care, behavioral insights, and motivation to treat the root cause of your condition and help you feel like yourself again.


"I haven’t fallen sick once, my cholesterol has normalized, body fat percentage has dropped, and overall, I feel a lot better!"

- Alisha C

"3 months later, I feel a lot better both mentally and physically. My PCOS seems to have come under control as well."

- Jahanvi D

"My period pain and thyroid symptoms have come to a bare minimum and I have also regained my gut health!"

- Priyanka B

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What’s NOT included in this program?

Some costs are not included in your membership and require out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Lab tests
  • Consults with doctors
  • Non-medical services like fitness classes and supplements

Who will be my nutritionist?

You will work directly with Kripa for all thing’s nutrition: your initial consult, follow-up sessions, personalized plans, and questions between visits.

Will I have to cut out lots of food?

At Burgers to Beasts, we only recommend eliminating foods that you are allergic to. Because typically, we only tend to binge on the foods we restrict.

However, for certain health conditions – we may temporarily recommend an elimination diet. Many suffer from these symptoms for long periods without realizing the connection to food. It isn’t until a food is eliminated from the diet, that the connection with symptoms can be made. After a brief elimination period, a personalized food reintroduction is a next step. Reintroduction involves adding back one food at a time to observe whether that food causes symptoms.

What about my dietary restrictions/preferences?

Individuals are unique! So, their care should be too. Each plan is thoroughly personalized – keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, intolerances, and importantly, convenience. Whether, you are paleo, vegan, pescatarian, or vegetarian, we’ve got you covered!

Do you run blood tests?

We do not run bloodwork in-house. However, we do recommend a list of tests before your initial consult. This complete blood profile test will assess your overall blood and cellular health as well as the risk of disease. Once this information is collected, we can keep it on file to track changes over time.

Will I lose weight/How fast will I see results?

Today, far too many diets are created solely from the perspective of weight loss. As a result, individuals tend to experience several symptoms like hair fall, acne, low energy levels, and missed periods, as a side effect. Instead, we focus on your health and let weight change be a by-product of that. That being said, we think the human body can safely lose 2-3 kgs/month sustainably.

Individual results and progress differ wildly, from person to person depending on several factors: inclusive of but not limited to the severity of the condition, medication, sleep, stress levels, movement, etc. However, typically most people witness a change in symptoms within the first few weeks of working together.

Are exercise recommendations provided

We stick to our area of expertise – which is designing stellar nutrition protocols. That being said, we make sure to customize our suggestions to support your training regimen and may make recommendations for you to switch up your exercise routine, if necessary.

Do you offer shorter programs?

No. We strongly believe that 365 days of health can’t be created in 7-, 14-, and 21-day plans. This particular holds for health issues – wherein the body takes longer to heal (symptoms like chronic gas and PMS would count too.) Importantly, this is root cause treatment – which does not act as rapidly as conventional medicine.

What happens if I don’t finish my sessions in the required time frame?

We understand that real life can quickly derail the best laid-out plans. Therefore, we offer a 2-4-week grace period (depending on the case) for you to redeem all your sessions.

What is the difference between your in-person and online programs?

Both programs have the same offerings. However, the in-person program offers the body composition analysis test – utilizing the InBody 270 apparatus.