Supermarket Tour

Ever wondered why super markets are designed the way they are?

The route to the fresh produce in super markets is paved with greasy, deep-fried or heavily sugar laden foods.

More often than not we get tempted and dump them into our basket. Even if we went in with a set grocery list, we come out with a lot more processed goods than planned.

Food companies go that extra mile to ensure their product is perceived as the best available option. Initially, it was all about flavor, taste and greasiness, but with more and more people becoming health conscious, they had to revamp their approach. There came in a gazillion “health foods”, or so we thought. Products are packaged with pretty words like low-fat, organic, sugar-free and other appealing words, which make you believe that you’re “eating clean”. When in reality, we’re not.

We understand that not everyone has the time to check the nutrition label of each item they have to purchase. On the Supermarket Tour, we help you learn how to read nutrition labels. We will create a shopping list of foods that provides the nutrients most essential to your individual needs.

Our goal is to get you to feel confident about the products you buy and feed yourself and your family well nutritionally, while discovering the “healthy side” of your supermarket!

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