The UnDiet Program

If you are sick of being stuck in an abusive relationship with food and want a different relationship with your body, our signature seminar series will show you a way out.

Are you currently...

  • Finding yourself emotional eating, bingeing, or overeating?
  • Tired of having rigid food rules or struggling to stay consistent?
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and confused about nutrition?
  • Experiencing anxiety and avoidance around food, your weight, and your body?
  • Worrying about what people think of you and your eating habits?

Do you want to be able to nourish yourself well in a positive and enjoyable way, and stay that way, forever?

UnDiet will get you there.

  • This program, is for chronic dieters.
  • It's for those who are ready to learn why their diets haven’t worked.
  • It’s for those who have spent hours micromanaging their plates —and don’t want to do it anymore.
  • It’s for those who have spent years seeing their worth through the lens of what they weigh.
  • And, it’s for those who hope they lose enough weight to like themselves again.
Kripa Jalan

By learning about the emotional and psychological side of eating, this group program can help you outgrow unhealthy patterns, quit the toxic cycle of binge-restrict-award, and gain a new sense of confidence, trust in yourself, and satisfaction with food. **

Fees 8,999 INR

** Registrations closed

Dates: 5th February – 2nd April, 2022
Location: Zoom

** A limited number of individuals are accepted every cohort and registrations open thrice a year.

Program Overview

Week 1: F*ck the Diet

Week 2: The Forbidden Food Syndrome

Week 3: WTF is "Normal Eating?"

Week 4: The Hunger Games

Week 5: Emotional Eating

Week 6: Weight & Body Bashing

Week 7: Rest Is For The Weak?

Week 8: The Limiting Belief Release

What You Get As A Client

Weekly Zoom calls

Zoom calls

eBooks & Worksheets

eBooks &

Exclusive Community


Reflection & Goal-setting

& Goal-setting

Q & A Support

Q & A

Lifetime of Learning

of Learning

Invest in Your Health

The UNDIET Program

7th January - 11th February;
Saturdays @ 11.30 am I.S.T.)

Buy Now
8,999 INR
Buy Now
8,999 INR


"I am able to stop eating when I’m full and not feel personally responsible for all that’s on my plate"

- Pooja

"There’s a lot of empathy and vulnerability in this group. It feels relatable. I feel like a human being."

- Sameeksha

"The weighing scale is not affecting me as much. I know it’s not the end of the world, anymore."

- Mansha

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How many times a year does Un-Diet open?

We open up for registrations 3 times a year.

How long does the program last?

It’s 9 weeks long. However, the workbooks, material, and friends you make – will stay with you through life.

Why are you keeping the group small?

We want to ensure intimacy and personalized attention during sessions – given the huge role mental and emotional health play in this program.

Will I lose weight?

You will normalize your relationship with eating and your body. Weight loss may be a side effect. However, you will most certainly experience several non-scale victories.

What’s the difference between personal coaching and this?

Our personal coaching program focuses on behaviour change. Here, you work 1:1 with Kripa. It’s great for those suffering from major or minor illnesses; or hyper-specific goals. UnDiet, is a group program and focuses on food psychology and intuitive eating. It’s for those who feel alone and isolated in the diet culture and want to find a way out.

What’s the difference between SHIELD and this?

SHIELD is a 9-week self-paced course, where you improve your health on your own time, using a web-software. UnDiet, is a guided group program that adopts a weekly seminar format, where you work with Kripa (and a supportive community.)