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Growing up – I had the worst lifestyle. A packet of chips in one hand and a TV remote in the other, I was content. So I can safely say I’ve been there, done that. I’ve seen the repercussions of sitting all day and feeding my body edible food like substances. I’ve also seen how over training and undernourishment reeks havoc for our health. But through trial and error, through mistakes and wins, I’ve also seen the beauty of EFFECTIVE TRAINING AND SUSTAINABLE NUTRITION and the wonders they work for our bodies and minds. It took me hitting rock – bottom, to realize that I had to pick up my socks!

Having witnessed a major emphasis on “dieting” and calorie restriction, and the consequent negative impacts on one’s long term health and mental wellbeing – I founded Burgers To Beasts, aimed at spreading health awareness and offering Realistic Nutrition Solutions. Burgers To Beasts started as an answer to my own health struggles, which grew into helping hundreds of people learn how to EAT BETTER, MOVE BETTER and FEEL BETTER.

What is our diet? It’s nothing but what we eat on a daily basis. It’s not low fat or low carb. We’ve simply grown to equate dieting with weight loss, with soup, salad, with terrible tasting food and eating less – when it’s neither. It isn’t about feeling deprived and angry. Nutrition isn’t restriction – it’s eating ourselves to health and happiness with WHOLE AND REAL foods. It’s about finding the best possible way to nourish ourselves. It’s about balance, going out and eating that cake once in a while, but making sure we’re not neglecting your greens. Eating that plate of fries here and there, but not neglecting our training. We can have our burgers and still be “beasts”.

Our job is not to give out short-term diets, it’s to teach our clients to eat better and make lifestyle changes.


On graduating with a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering – I realized that the tech world was not for me. I was always passionate about the health sphere, having grown up as an amateur athlete and watching how changing my own eating habits enhanced my everyday lifestyle and performance drove the bias towards nutrition! I wanted a job that made me do more than I was required to, one that I looked forward to, one that I loved. I went on to pursue my nutrition education from Sophia College in Mumbai. Following which I specialized in Sports Nutrition from the International Association of Sports Nutrition. But the learning curve didn’t end there – I did also complete the Precision Level 1 as well as the CrossFit L1 Certification. There definitely is a lot more to come!

A couple of years in, we have had the honor of working with a multitude of clients, looking to be better versions of themselves. Ranging from children 13 years old to adults 65 years young, from athletes focused on performance to individuals looking to work on health conditions. We continue to hold nutrition education seminars at various institutions including Clubs, Gyms, Schools & Corporates – to keep up with our mission of spreading health awareness and making nutrition strategies accessible to all.

Our goal is for anyone and everyone who adopts the Burgers To Beasts philosophy is to live mindfully, eat real food, feel great and most importantly not lose their minds while at it — and that’s something we all deserve no matter who we are, what we do or what our health history is.

Burgers To Beasts

Here at Burgers To Beasts

You won’t find any of the no carbs at night, women shouldn’t lift, no pain no gain BS.

There’s no “quick fixes”, there’s sustainability. There’s no “dieting”, there’s healthy eating.

There’s no “cheat meals”, there’s indulging. There’s no “sweat is fat crying”, there’s effective training.

- Kripa Jalan, Founder-Director, Burgers To Beasts