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Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan

Nutrition Ninja/Coach

Making it simple to feel amazing, look great and move well.

  • Do you feel like you’re not getting the results you want?
  • Do you beat yourself up whenever you indulge?
  • Do you constantly wait for Monday to start your diet?
  • Are you confused about food?
  • Are you tired of switching restrictive diets?

Does the idea of leading and sustaining a balanced life, while enjoying your favorite foods, mental wellbeing, and great body composition
with NO DIETS & ZERO GUILT – sound good to you?

If yes, you're in the right place.

When I speak about diet noise, emotional eating, restriction, and confusion - it's from personal experience

Growing up - packaged foods and minimal movements dictated my lifestyle, up until I discovered the lure of dieting. I went from being a happy go lucky healthy teenager to an obsessive chronic dieter, with a deep-rooted fear of food, unhappy and obsessed with her weight.

The toxic cycle of restricting, rewarding and restarting the process was stressful and exhausting. Before I knew it, my body had become my biggest burden. On the verge of developing an eating disorder, I took control of my thoughts, ambitions, and actions.

Fast-forward to now, I can't recognize who I was back then. Today while I'm amazed at what my body can do, I can safely say that I’ve been there done that. I’ve seen the repercussions of depriving and torturing my body but I’ve also seen the beauty of sustainable eating, effective training and being kind to myself.

Now I’m here to give you exactly that. Through our nutrition services - my objective is to put you back in control of your health and happiness; and help you consistently practice the habits you choose to adopt today, in the long run.

I wish for anyone who adopts the Burgers To Beasts philosophy to live mindfully, feel great and most importantly not lose their minds while at it - because that’s something we all deserve no matter who we are, what we do or what our health history is.

  • Effective Training

    Effective Training

  • Sustainable Nutrition

    Sustainable Nutrition

  • Ample Hydration

    Ample Hydration

  • Adequate Rest

    Adequate Rest

  • Holistic Wellness

    Holistic Wellness