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Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan
Kripa Jalan

Nutrition Ninja / Chief Everything Officer

If you’ve ever had times in your life where you’ve bounced from diet to diet, been confused about the hundreds of mixed messages out there, felt a crippling sense of guilt around food, sensed your motivation and will power dwindle or think that you’ll never meet your goals – you are not alone.

You see, the diet culture instills a lot of fear. It treats a healthy lifestyle as an all-or-nothing process. But at our very core, we’re all rich, juicy, feeling filled creatures or as you would call it – emotional beings. We fall in love, we work, we laugh, we break down and we get right back up. We love food, we love our social lives and this idea of perfect fails to factor in your humanity.

When I speak about diet noise, emotional eating, anxiety, and health confusion - it's all from personal experience.

Growing up - packaged foods and minimal movement dictated my lifestyle, up until I discovered the lure of dieting. I went from being a happy-go-lucky healthy teenager to an obsessive chronic dieter, with a deep-rooted fear of food, unhappy with her body and obsessed with her weight.

The toxic cycle of restricting, rewarding and restarting the process was stressful and exhausting, and before I knew it, my body had become my biggest burden. On the verge of developing a serious eating disorder, I was forced to take control of my thoughts, ambitions, and actions.

Fast-forward to now, I can't recognize who I was back then. I learned the hard way, that health doesn’t happen overnight, health isn’t found in a powder or a potion, health is a daily commitment – one that requires nourishment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Today I'm amazed at what my body can do. I can also safely say that I’ve been there and done that. I’ve seen the repercussions of depriving my body but I’ve also seen the beauty of being kind to myself. Now I’m here to give you exactly that.

Burgers To Beasts started as a creative outlet to share my expertise from my advanced education in nutrition and behavior change, personal experiences with a troubled food relationship and passion to help individuals create habits with ease, by designing ways of healthy living, that are unique to them. I was aware that I was meant to support other people's health journeys by gently nudging them to explore what's already within them.

Since our inception, we have helped over thousands of individuals globally achieve their goals through our private coaching practice, online programs, integrative software, ebooks strategic partnerships, social media channels, interactive workshops, and educational seminars.

  • Effective Training

    Effective Training

  • Sustainable Nutrition

    Sustainable Nutrition

  • Ample Hydration

    Ample Hydration

  • Adequate Rest

    Adequate Rest

  • Holistic Wellness

    Holistic Wellness

Featured in

  • Vogue
  • GQ
  • Hindustan Times
  • mid-day
  • Nykaa
  • Outlook Poshan
  • Mumbai Mirror
  • LBB
  • Live Mint
  • The Free Press Journal

Clients come to us to focus on improving their health in one or more of these areas

  • Achieving Balanced Weight
  • Working on Sport Specific Goals
  • Controlling Chronic Diseases
  • Managing Hormones
  • Improving Gut Health
  • Increasing Energy
  • Boosting Skin & Hair Health
  • Handling Food Anxiety
  • Healing Body Image & Troubled Food Relationships
  • Making Good Health a Lifestyle

Through our nutrition services - my objective is to put you back in control of your health and happiness; and help you consistently practice the habits you choose to adopt today, in the long run.

Our aim is fivefold; enable individuals to make informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles; work towards breaking the stigma around mental health; enhance sleep quality; encourage purposeful physical activity, and focus on stress management.

I wish for anyone who adopts the Burgers To Beasts philosophy to live mindfully, feel great and most importantly not lose their minds while at it - because that’s something we all deserve no matter who we are, what we do or what our health history is.

Where You Come In

You are the exact reason Burgers To Beasts is rooted in community and compassion. Since our inception, our biggest victory has been the meaningful relationships that we’ve built along the way.

We’re here to provide a safe space as well as guide, nourish and support you through your health journey.

Lastly, we’re so happy and grateful that you are here spending your valuable time and energy; and we hope this is just the beginning of getting to know each other. We would love to learn more about you – so feel free to shoot us an email and/or stay updated with our services, educational offerings and interactive content on Instagram and YouTube!

Kripa’s Professional Background

  • MPH in Nutrition Candidate, Harvard University
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2, PN
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, PN
  • Professional Training in Low Carb & Ketogenic Diets, NN
  • Functional Foods & Nutrition Counseling, Sophia College
  • Specialist in Sports Nutrition, ISSA