I went to Kripa with a low immunity, high cholesterol and i used to get rather lethargic through the day. When Kripa gave me my new eating plan I was firstly shocked to see how much more I had to eat. The good thing is on her plan I am never hungry. 3 months later and I haven't fallen sick once, my cholesterol has normalised, my body fat percentage has reduced significantly and overall I feel a lot better. I recover quicker from my workouts and see quicker gains in the box. Kripa's diet plan is more of a life style choice for me now.

Alisha Chona

Kripa has planned my meals around my daily schedule, making them realistic and easy to follow. She doesn’t focus on sudden, extreme changes ,which don’t offer lasting effects. It’s more about sustainable and healthy eating, taking in your long-term goals as well. The results I’ve already seen have been extremely encouraging-apart from the physical changes, I feel fitter, more energetic and healthier!

Radhika Chandorkar

I never believed that fitness was 80% nutrition and 20% gym. Thanks to Kripa and her guidance, I saw my goals being met. She made me realize that working out without proper nutrition was like working out with arm tied behind my back. She made minor changes to my eating habits, so I never felt like I was doing something absurd. Once everything started coming together within a month or so, I adopted healthy eating as a lifestyle, rather than for short periods of time. My strength to weight ratio has definitely sky rocketed!

Imran Patel

I’m not a big fan of following diets, but Kripa gave me one, which was sustainable over a long period and consisted of foods I usually consumed. I especially liked the fact that emphasis was put on strength training and not just cardio alone, as other nutritionists do. Have seen a good drop in my body fat percentage in just 2 weeks. Hoping to get even better results, with Kripa on my team. Thank you so much!

Reiyal Goveas

Kripa is one of the best dietitians I have been to. She is good at the work she does, very thorough at understanding your needs and goals. She makes sure that she gets even the last detail about you and your goal. Her preference to your health over your aesthetics is what makes her a standout. Moreover being a Crossfitter herself, she shares the same enthusiasm towards working out and understands your needs perfectly. She has always been easy to approach and readily available to help as she is just a message away. She gave me a grocery list......what more would I want?

Anirudh Rander

While change requires a drive from within, a catalyst is required to ignite that drive. For me, that catalyst was Kripa’s fine-tuned and personalized nutrition plan. She has a great ability to understand what the individual needs are and is open to modify and substitute nutrition plans to help one reach their goals. Her enthusiasm is motivating. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to kick start their fitness journey.

Ronak Mehta

Kripa's approach to nutrition is rooted in science and focuses on
sustainability - so that results are long lasting. Her approach was to
understand what my current diet was, how I preferred to space my meals and
what foods I enjoyed eating, and structured a meal plan around this. Her
recommendations even factored in whether I was to exercise in the morning or
at night. She factored in that recovery with 5 days of exercise a week would
be a concern, increasing calorie intake in a healthy way as required. This
degree of customization made her diet incredibly easy to incorporate, and
results were apparent 6 weeks into the program with a drop in body fat and
an increase in lean muscle mass.
What I liked most about her approach was that quantities of foods were
explained and alternatives were provided, which made an easy plan even
easier to follow. I would highly recommend Kripa for anyone looking to
making a healthy, sustainable change to the way they eat.

Akshay Pai

I always considered working out to be more important than having a good nutritious diet. Until I realised that while my workouts were increasing I wasn't seeing any positive results. Until I met Kripa Jalan. She showed me that not only is it important to eat clean but also equally important to eat right. At first the science seemed complicated but once understood and followed correctly has shown great results. In less than 8 weeks I have lost 3kgs and added close to 1kg of muscle. The combination of a B2B nutrition plan with a fitness regime like CrossFit is very beneficial and transformational.

Sid Ugrankar

I’ve been on Kripa’s meal plan for three months now. It’s simple to follow and seems to complement my workout regimen as well. It’s helped me enhance my performance and push my limits. I feel healthier and a lot more energetic than before.

Meghna Motwani