I think I’ve struggled for so long to develop a healthy relationship with food, and while I’m definitely still not there yet I can proudly say it’s a wip :) and on the right track. I’m feeling much better energy-wise, anxiety wise, strength-wise, etc. feels more like a holistic all-around approach as opposed to just how “lean” I’m feeling. Without hating every minute of it. Feels like a glow up but more internal :) so thank you! Thin or fat or wherever you may be or whatever your goals maybe I think everybody needs to fix their relationship with food and nutrition. Everybody struggles with it at some point or another. And I’m just beginning to realize how integrated everything is, it all adds up.
For real though THANK YOU! For being so patient, encouraging, and kind. I think THAT plays a huge role :) trust me been to a bunch of dieticians, done tons of fad diets, etc. but I’ve never felt so good physically and mentally. Sure I’ve lost weight fast but at the cost of my mental health or just feeling irritable and unhappy. So this definitely feels great! And for the first time, I don’t care about reaching the finish line ASAP. I just want to enjoy the process of getting there as and when it happens, even if it meant a lifelong marathon. Don’t care about anybody else’s progress, only looking at how far I’ve come :)

Ruchika V

I went to Kripa with a low immunity, high cholesterol and i used to get rather lethargic through the day. When Kripa gave me my new eating plan I was firstly shocked to see how much more I had to eat. The good thing is on her plan I am never hungry. 3 months later and I haven't fallen sick once, my cholesterol has normalised, my body fat percentage has reduced significantly and overall I feel a lot better. I recover quicker from my workouts and see quicker gains in the box. Kripa's diet plan is more of a life style choice for me now.

Alisha C

Without your help I don't think we would reach where we are.

This program has helped me become more conscious of what I eat & built my self control.
This journey has been enlightening & while it might be a slow process for the result to show I think it's a very fulfilling one especially for the type of lifestyle i have.

Thank you for being patient with all my questions & helping work towards a better relationship with food & helping me break up with aerated drinks. (More than me, my husband is very happy about this)

Again, thank you so much & really appreciate the recipes!

Aneri S

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to develop a healthy relationship with food. It has been 6 months and this is the longest time have to stick to a guideline and I am feeling proud of myself because of your help and guidance! My anxiety is a lot better, I can feel that my gut health has improved a lot, my stress levels have reduced, I am more focused, my energy levels are really good, I don’t have cravings even during my periods.

The small changes in food have to lead to a big positive change in my body. I do have occasional indulgence but I am still choosing the food options that are good for me. You have taught me to focus on eating better and because of you, I am able to do it.

Thank you for being you and thank you again!
Keep up the great work.

Haarika R

I feel amazing, life is so strikingly odd that one has to “get used to the normal” and wasn’t aware of what normal means anyway. I want to thank you for helping me reach here. I never thought….In my life that I’d not have PMS. It has been so conditioned in our minds through several sources (advertisements, stereotypes, and excuses) that it doesn’t just take lifestyle changes, but mindset changes as well. You have done an amazing job, to move an individual towards both: mental and physical changes !!
I am quite excited about our journey forward, considering how it is going in such a concise healthy stepwise format-on fixing gut, to body systems, to PMS, to weakness, and finally fixing body weight (which I believe will be the hardest yet).
Thank you so much for your guidance, you must pat yourself on your back!


While change requires a drive from within, a catalyst is required to ignite that drive. For me, that catalyst was Kripa’s fine-tuned and personalized nutrition plan. She has a great ability to understand what the individual needs are and is open to modify and substitute nutrition plans to help one reach their goals. Her enthusiasm is motivating. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to kick start their fitness journey.

Ronak M

Kripa's approach to nutrition is rooted in science and focuses on
sustainability - so that results are long lasting. Her approach was to
understand what my current diet was, how I preferred to space my meals and
what foods I enjoyed eating, and structured a meal plan around this. Her
recommendations even factored in whether I was to exercise in the morning or
at night. She factored in that recovery with 5 days of exercise a week would
be a concern, increasing calorie intake in a healthy way as required. This
degree of customization made her diet incredibly easy to incorporate, and
results were apparent 6 weeks into the program with a drop in body fat and
an increase in lean muscle mass.
What I liked most about her approach was that quantities of foods were
explained and alternatives were provided, which made an easy plan even
easier to follow. I would highly recommend Kripa for anyone looking to
making a healthy, sustainable change to the way they eat.

Akshay P

I always considered working out to be more important than having a good nutritious diet. Until I realised that while my workouts were increasing I wasn't seeing any positive results. Until I met Kripa Jalan. She showed me that not only is it important to eat clean but also equally important to eat right. At first the science seemed complicated but once understood and followed correctly has shown great results. In less than 8 weeks I have lost 3kgs and added close to 1kg of muscle. The combination of a B2B nutrition plan with a fitness regime like CrossFit is very beneficial and transformational.

Sid U

I’ve been on Kripa’s meal plan for three months now. It’s simple to follow and seems to complement my workout regimen as well. It’s helped me enhance my performance and push my limits. I feel healthier and a lot more energetic than before.

Meghna M

My biggest win from this challenge has been body positivity after so many months! I have been loving my body, and have generally been happy. I am lifting better, have better stamina while functional training and my skin feels so soft and amazing. There has definitely been inch loss. The program was easy to understand and even simpler to implement. I greatly appreciate how prompt Kripa was to address our queries, as well her feedbacks on our logs.

Surbhi V

I loved everything about this challenge. Being in marketing, the whole packaging and communication of the idea is something I usually nit pick on. But this challenge was worth the money. Everything about it reeked of professionalism. It showed the effort and heart behind this. I loved the individual feedback to my weekly checklists. It truly picked me up at my weakest. I feel like I've found a new way to live healthy. I was skeptical of any diet since deprivation has never worked for me but this is a lifestyle change I can definitely make. This is a lifestyle change I can sustain. I love veggies and having them in abundance was the best thing! The only thing I truly miss is my filter coffee with sugar but when I dead lift heavy in the gym - I feel like it's a small price to pay :)

Kavya Gowda

All in all after four weeks of no sugar. I’d lost weight, felt happier and more focus and more energy. Slept better and my skin looked amazing. I will never go back to where I was. I thought the first day without sugar was miserable but day two was even worse. All I could do was thinking of sugar. I was cranky and having headaches. In first week I began to feel there is no way I’d make it an entire month. But on eighth day it seemed to happen. I no longer craved like crazy person . Some where between week 2 and 3 I noticed change in my mood.I felt happy and wasn’t thinking of sugar all the time. And i was able to really focus.

Rupal Ranawat

On the 4th of June 2018 a routine test series showed sugar readings of 147 fasting and 166 post meal. Both were high and led to me going on metsmall at night to improve metabolism. I was on metsmall for two weeks when I started the Break Up With Sugar Challenge. A re test on the 20th of July showed sugar readings of 106 fasting and 127 post meal which was a relief.
I took up the challenge not sure what to expect as I've never been on a diet ever before. It's not been an easy four weeks but I've definitely experienced how the body and palate easily get used to not having sugar.

Hashim Moizuddin

Thank you Kripa. I feel so much more confident in my own skin now. I know I have a long way to go, but I haven't felt this positive and motivated to continue in a really long time. Can't wait to get stronger and leaner this year!

Ummul Unwalla

I love the way my body looks now, I love the way it makes me feel. I feel strong, I feel more confident. And all this happened after I came to you and made changes to my food habits. Overtime I see myself in the mirror, I get more motivated to stay on track and be more true to what I do!

Alpa Mhatre

At the end of this 3 month journey, I want to just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you for being you (relatable, realistic, kind, soft spoken & easy going). I want to thank you for being in this line of work (helping me & many more like me). I want to thank you for giving me that mental peace I was looking for (there is still scope of improvement for my brain but atleast there is something good there thanks to you). I want to thank you for teaching me to like myself even if it's a tad bit. I want to thank you for teaching me to be easy on myself. I want to thank you for showing me a sustainable way of being healthy.
Like I've told you before whenever things would start to go down, I would just hop on to your Instagram handle & read your posts in your voice to feel better. "It's alright, Kripa said so." (I sound like a creep I guess)

Thanks truck loads.

Abeer Shaikh

We feel so motivated, you have no idea.
I really love the way you approach this getting fitter and healthier option on life.
The spread sheet really helps too.
I have promised myself to be fit and healthy this year for myself and my son and I really thank you for making the journey better. My stubborn amazing husband who never even considered going on a diet is so so driven and motivated by the results he can’t believe it himself.
Now we hope we can remain focused and motivated through the rest of the journey!

Ameeshee & Shivang Bubna

Though my progress may be small, I feel a lot more in control of my own body and a whole lot stronger! It's a huge deal for me, given that I use to binge every day. As you said, good food and healthy eating is my lifestyle now! All thanks to you!

Nausheen Fatima Shireen

I want to take this time to thank you for having such a huge impact on my life - more than you know! There are small changes in diets of which, the implications were always unknown to me. If you asked me a few months back, I would confidently tell you, it was impossible for me to leave the reliance on them. But under your guidance, I’ve slowly given up dependence on foods that I once let dictate my day. Add to it, and significantly enough, for most part of my life, I used to blindly eat items based on my taste buds. I am now educated on what pros and cons each item bring to the table.
I do not know if I’ll be able to keep up once am through with this (I am hoping I will be), but I am glad at least this period has given me an insight of what I am capable of doing and what I am not.
Like I have always believed in my professional and personal life, the competition is always with ourselves, so I’ll continue and strive to do better than I have last few months.
Thank you again!

Vikram Mehta

Have to say, I haven't been this excited about eating right ever. Can't thank you enough! :)
This plan is unbelievable, its making me do things I would have never done otherwise and overall, I'm feeling SO HEALTHY. I feel like more than anything, I've become far more mindful of what I'm putting inside my body.

Vatsala Aron

I had set a goal for myself at the start of the year to get my body fat percentage down to around 10-12 percent.
12 weeks of following the meal plan diligently has got me there and I’m really happy. It’s worked like a charm!! Better than I’d expected it to to be honest!!
Thanks a lot! It was really great working with you!!

Ashwin Kumar

Wanted to thank you for the brilliant change you have brought into my GUT life :) your diet combinations have worked wonders for me and am sure to make it a habit now... I have been able to shed approx 8.4 kilos in precisely 81 days of consultancy... I feel better now in terms of energy through the day... my nights now are much peaceful than how acidity & bloating used to trouble me... thanks again for making it simple to eat well and feel amazing. Cheers!

Nikoonz Agarwal

I am doing great with the new diet plan! I used to eat every 2 hours because I was hungry that often or sometimes out of sugar addiction!
I am full all the time and that is one big boon coz I am not distracted by food or even if something in front of me - I am not tempted to eat :)

Hamsika Bhatt

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for getting my health back on track. I'm really impressed with how you took on my constraints of not having a kitchen at my paying guest and playing around with the eating options just available at my college canteen. Not only was the plan tailor made to the challenges, it was so do-able for me that I was able to adopt it from the next day. On top of that, there was no food item that made me cringe and curse the whole process of dieting.
I don't think I can call it dieting at all, you told me eat panner tikka for my lunch. As amusing as it might sound, it actually worked! My clothes fit better, and there has been reduction in my weight too. I look forward to working with you again after some time, when I have access to a kitchen and you have the freedom too work your magic too. You are truly a nutrition ninja!

Kushagra Pahwa

Little celebration moment! I got my period twice in two months, with my PCOS and I'm down 2 KG. I've been working hard on exercise, yoga therapy and pcos friendly food. Thank you for playing your part in this journey and all your guidance!

Krina Shah

Just wanted to say one thing - THANK YOU. For helping me transform my body not only from the outside but also from the inside :)

Sanika Vaid

Getting schooled on my eating habits by Kripa Jalan. Always fun to learn about how your body operates how you can keep it in the best shape from the inside. It’s been a good 2 weeks of progress and looking forward to even more changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Dieting and eating healthy does not have to mean eating boring food!

Aditya Jagtap

I never believed that fitness was 80% nutrition and 20% gym. Thanks to Kripa and her guidance, I saw my goals being met. She made me realize that working out without proper nutrition was like working out with arm tied behind my back. She made minor changes to my eating habits, so I never felt like I was doing something absurd. Once everything started coming together within a month or so, I adopted healthy eating as a lifestyle, rather than for short periods of time. My strength to weight ratio has definitely sky rocketed!

Imran Patel

Kripa has planned my meals around my daily schedule, making them realistic and easy to follow. She doesn’t focus on sudden, extreme changes ,which don’t offer lasting effects. It’s more about sustainable and healthy eating, taking in your long-term goals as well. The results I’ve already seen have been extremely encouraging-apart from the physical changes, I feel fitter, more energetic and healthier!

Radhika Chandorkar

I’m not a big fan of following diets, but Kripa gave me one, which was sustainable over a long period and consisted of foods I usually consumed. I especially liked the fact that emphasis was put on strength training and not just cardio alone, as other nutritionists do. Have seen a good drop in my body fat percentage in just 2 weeks. Hoping to get even better results, with Kripa on my team. Thank you so much!

Reiyal Goveas

Kripa is one of the best dietitians I have been to. She is good at the work she does, very thorough at understanding your needs and goals. She makes sure that she gets even the last detail about you and your goal. Her preference to your health over your aesthetics is what makes her a standout. Moreover being a Crossfitter herself, she shares the same enthusiasm towards working out and understands your needs perfectly. She has always been easy to approach and readily available to help as she is just a message away. She gave me a grocery list......what more would I want?

Anirudh Rander

Since forever, every month in during PMS I consume desserts/snacks (candies, ice creams, popcorn, chips etc) for at least 5-6 days. And for the entire duration of 10 days, I feel completely lethargic, terrible mood swings and weak legs. As a long term trend that I was unable to shake off for lack of trying and will, I put on at least 3-4 kilos every month, and lose those back by fasting or strict diets.

This month in particular, I simply followed our meal plan, and I noticed a decrease in my “really really want” cravings to “eh, can do without”. My legs aren’t as weak and jelly like as they used to be (Probably the magnesium, recently diagnosed D3 deficiency or simply mind games!) My abdomen doesn’t hurt as much…and miraculously I ate just 1 pain killer on my first day (as opposed to 3).
I still gave myself a treat (Mc-Donalds, and some cream wafers for dessert)….which is okay I think.

I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

We have a long long way to go..considering my targets…and I am happy to snail walk it with you!!

Aditi D