Body Composition Analysis

At some point in our lives, most of us have had a twisted love-hate relationship with our weight.

However, weighing scales do not tell us the entire story.

Chances are, when we're eating right, training purposefully, sleeping, and hydrating well - we're bound to gain some muscle and lose some fat. Consequently, the net weight may remain the same. However, we're essentially leaner, stronger, and metabolically healthier.

This simple 15-second non-invasive test, helps you go beyond the outdated readings of BMI and weight, shift focus to more accurate measures of progress, and also leverage the latest technology to understand exactly what your body is made off!

What You Get As A Client

  • Body Weight

    Includes an accurate measure of your actual weight.

  • Segmental Fat %

    Includes a breakdown of fat storage in 5 parts of your body.

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass

    Includes the total weight of your muscle mass.

  • Mineral Content

    Includes the mineral content in your body.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

    Includes the number of calories you need to maintain basic daily functions.

  • Body Composition History

    Includes an assessment of your trends over time.

  • Segmental Muscle Mass

    Includes the imbalance between your left & right arms/legs.

  • Visceral Fat

    Includes the amount of harmful internal fat.

  • Body Fat %

    Includes a better mark of obesity than BMI.

  • Total Body Water

    Includes the total amount of water held within and outside your cells.

  • Fitness Rating

    Includes how you compare to other individuals from your demographic.

  • Body Fat Mass

    Includes the surface level (subcutaneous) and internal fat (visceral).

Invest In Your Health

  • Body Composition Analysis
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** Your safety is our number one priority and owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing clients in-person in an extremely limited capacity. In case you would like to sign-up for this session, please send us an email and we will send you a private link to book and schedule a session based on mutual availability! Please note that we do not offer medical treatments or conduct lab-tests.

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