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Hey there, I’m Kripa Jalan
Nutrition Ninja | Chief Everything Officer

Burgers To Beasts started as a creative outlet to share my expertise from my advanced education in nutrition and behavior change, personal experiences with a troubled food relationship and passion to help individuals create habits with ease, by designing ways of healthy living, that are unique to them.

Through our nutrition services - my objective is to put you back in control of your health and happiness; and help you consistently practice the habits you choose to adopt today, in the long run. I wish for anyone who adopts the Burgers To Beasts philosophy to live mindfully, feel great and most importantly not lose their minds while at it - because that’s something we all deserve no matter who we are, what we do or what our health history is.


  • I think I’ve struggled for so long to develop a healthy relationship with food, and while I’m definitely still not there yet I can proudly say it’s a wip :) and on the right track. I’m feeling much better energy-wise, anxiety wise, strength-wise, etc. feels more like a holistic all-around approach as opposed to just how “lean” I’m feeling. Without hating every minute of it. Feels like a glow up but more internal :) so thank you! Thin or fat or wherever you may be or whatever your goals maybe I think everybody needs to fix their relationship with food and nutrition. Everybody struggles with it at some point or another. And I’m just beginning to realize how integrated everything is, it all adds up. For real though THANK YOU! For being so patient, encouraging, and kind. I think THAT plays a huge role :) trust me been to a bunch of dieticians, done tons of fad diets, etc. but I’ve never felt so good physically and mentally. Sure I’ve lost weight fast but at the cost of my mental health or just feeling irritable and unhappy. So this definitely feels great! And for the first time, I don’t care about reaching the finish line ASAP. I just want to enjoy the process of getting there as and when it happens, even if it meant a lifelong marathon. Don’t care about anybody else’s progress, only looking at how far I’ve come :)

    -Ruchika V

  • I went to Kripa with a low immunity, high cholesterol and i used to get rather lethargic through the day. When Kripa gave me my new eating plan I was firstly shocked to see how much more I had to eat. The good thing is on her plan I am never hungry. 3 months later and I haven't fallen sick once, my cholesterol has normalised, my body fat percentage has reduced significantly and overall I feel a lot better. I recover quicker from my workouts and see quicker gains in the box. Kripa's diet plan is more of a life style choice for me now.

    -Alisha C

  • Without your help I don't think we would reach where we are. This program has helped me become more conscious of what I eat & built my self control. This journey has been enlightening & while it might be a slow process for the result to show I think it's a very fulfilling one especially for the type of lifestyle i have. Thank you for being patient with all my questions & helping work towards a better relationship with food & helping me break up with aerated drinks. (More than me, my husband is very happy about this) Again, thank you so much & really appreciate the recipes!

    -Aneri S

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to develop a healthy relationship with food. It has been 6 months and this is the longest time have to stick to a guideline and I am feeling proud of myself because of your help and guidance! My anxiety is a lot better, I can feel that my gut health has improved a lot, my stress levels have reduced, I am more focused, my energy levels are really good, I don’t have cravings even during my periods. The small changes in food have to lead to a big positive change in my body. I do have occasional indulgence but I am still choosing the food options that are good for me. You have taught me to focus on eating better and because of you, I am able to do it. Thank you for being you and thank you again! Keep up the great work.

    -Haarika R

  • I feel amazing, life is so strikingly odd that one has to “get used to the normal” and wasn’t aware of what normal means anyway. I want to thank you for helping me reach here. I never thought….In my life that I’d not have PMS. It has been so conditioned in our minds through several sources (advertisements, stereotypes, and excuses) that it doesn’t just take lifestyle changes, but mindset changes as well. You have done an amazing job, to move an individual towards both: mental and physical changes !! I am quite excited about our journey forward, considering how it is going in such a concise healthy stepwise format-on fixing gut, to body systems, to PMS, to weakness, and finally fixing body weight (which I believe will be the hardest yet). Thank you so much for your guidance, you must pat yourself on your back!