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    Kripa Jalan

    Ex-Dieter | Harvard-Trained Nutritionist | Non-Diet Practioner

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Are you looking for someone genuine, no-nonsense and who cares about her clients’ well being? Meet Kripa Jalan. One of the kindest, most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. She gives you a holistic approach to feeling better (not just physically but also mentally).

There are no lies, no judgements; only a supportive friend who holds your hands through and through and tells you how to improve in the friendliest possible manner.

Start taking her guidance, and I promise you, you will not only improve your well-being, but every time you speak to her, you will leave with a genuine smile.

- Rachita M

Before working with Kripa I was very hesitant because of a history of working with dietitians who always made it feel like it was my lack of will or discipline that I wasn't getting healthier. I wasn't expecting any different when I started with her but BOY WAS I WRONG! She is like a perfect blend of a therapist and dietitian. Her style is not just giving out a diet plan and unrealistically expecting us to follow it! She actually gets into the psychological aspects of eating choices and slowly and surely helps you make healthier choices with education and awareness. She never shames you, and is very realistic with life events that interfere with eating habits. She focuses on being happy, feeling proud of our eating choices and listening to your body's signals. 

I've never felt better about my relationship with food and I continue working with her to transform my mental and physical self in a healthy, happy and realistic way! 

- Shikha S

I've spent years on and off diets, struggling with body image and constantly feeling guilty about my food choices. To top it all off I have had gut issues, skin issues and hormonal health disorders. I was in search of a Nutritionist who had an anti-diet approach and who was compassionate and understanding of the emotional struggle I was experiencing with food and my body. I was so lucky to have found Kripa. She has an extremely personalised approach and chooses to guide her clients in a self-led manner, providing suggestions, tools and ample resources.

The biggest and most appreciated take away through the entire process was that there was no guilt or shame.

Everything she puts forth is realistic and sustainable for actual living. The focus was always on how I was feeling and if my health was better. The goal was always to improve how I was feeling and functioning overall. Thank you so much Kripa! You've helped me find freedom with food and my body!

- Nivritti R

Burgers to Beasts’ (Kripa) guiding principle is straightforward – any change in lifestyle ought to be simple and sustainable, otherwise it doesn’t work. Kripa doesn’t believe in drastic changes, fad diets and other extreme dietary restrictions – her way is simple - small sustainable changes one week at a time. Her focus has not only been on food, but also sleep and mindfulness. Over the last few months, she has tweaked my food habits and lifestyle one change at a time while continuously monitoring my progress, and has built upon the changes over the weeks. Her method was easily adoptable into my generally busy day to day life. I especially appreciate her take on sugar – she welcomes the occasional sugar treat as opposed to giving it up completely which often is impossible and unsustainable.

About seven weeks in, I am better informed about the quality and quantity of the food groups that are good for me and work for me, I manage my daily schedule better and last but not least I am still able to enjoy a glass of wine and piece of cake with friends with absolutely ZERO guilt.

- Prachi D

These last 6 months with Kripa’s nutrition program have been a delightful rediscovery of a healthy and energetic body through a few simple goals, mindful choices and lots of positive reinforcement. Kripa combines strong scientific principles of nutrition with a gentle and compassionate approach to healthy eating. I have enjoyed building healthy habits around food choices, drinking more water, savoring what I eat, and many other simple yet powerful shifts.

I feel so much lighter and healthier from inside and confident that I can stay this way for years to come.

Thank you, Kripa, for the empowering conversations, lots of food ‘wisdom’, some amazing recipes and most of all, your patience and genuine concern. Deeply grateful!

- Aparna M