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    Nutrition Coaching

    Personalized Solutions

    Individuals are unique, their care should be too! Each solution provided is doable and thoroughly customised to your specific history, needs, and goals.

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    Group Therapy

    Learn about the emotional and psychological side of eating, outgrow unhealthy patterns, and gain a new sense of confidence in your body.

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    Beyond Sugar Challenge

    A 7-Day Experiment

    This is not just another gimmicky weight loss scheme. It’s a proven method to manage your sugar cravings, heal your biochemistry, and reclaim your health.

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    Interactive Software

    A comprehensive course (fun-one) in everything health, that’s been designed for you to transform your mindset & improve your health on your own time.

Our Services

Wellness Consult
Customized Nutrition Plan
Signature Undiet Program
Beyond Sugar Challenge

About Kripa

When I speak about diet noise, troubled relationships with food, nutrition confusion and struggles with body image
- it all comes from personal experience.

I spent years hating my body, constantly disgusted with myself, and prioritizing being skinny over everything else – health, relationships, and to an extent, my sanity.

Each time I got onto a new "proven, life changing and simple plan to unlock all my dreams" I genuinely believed "this would be it." Spoiler alert, it wasn't

Success Stories

Working with Kripa these last three months has been nothing short of enlightening. Her approach to health and nutrition is exactly what i was looking for! the mindset being - focus on realistic, sustainable goals rather than ''restrictions'' and ''diets.'' my entire thought process when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness has changed for the better. I highly recommend burgers to beasts to anyone looking for the RIGHT way to go about changing their lifestyle.

-Siya K

Kripa has designed an exceptional program to encourage sustainable practices for optimal health. Over the course of twelve weeks, Kripa mapped out recommendations that were highly suited to my life constraints, not overly restrictive and that I can continue to follow consistently. Not only have these practices improved my physical health so far but they’ve also promoted better functionality throughout the day. Kripa addressed all my questions and concerns— she is extremely well-informed and a pleasure to interact with. I highly recommend her program to anyone willing to invest in enhancing their health.

-Gurrein M

Kripa’s approach to food is realistic and attainable and has been an eye-opener for me over the last few months. Most importantly, she emphasizes how eating right has to be a lifestyle and not something to be done for short term results. This also means, there are no unrealistic expectations like zero sweets, zero cheese etc and no crash diets but instead, small goals to help you eat everything you want yet be mindful. I’ve seen a big mindset change in the way I approach food and have a much healthier relationship with it than before especially when I’m going out to eat. It’s incredible, really and something I never thought possible! Thank you Kripa! Keep doing what you do :)

-Mitali G

Burgers to Beasts’ (Kripa) guiding principle is straightforward – any change in lifestyle ought to be simple and sustainable, otherwise it doesn’t work. Kripa doesn’t believe in drastic changes, fad diets and other extreme dietary restrictions – her way is simple - small sustainable changes one week at a time. Her focus has not only been on food, but also sleep and mindfulness. Over the last few months, she has tweaked my food habits and lifestyle one change at a time while continuously monitoring my progress, and has built upon the changes over the weeks. Her method was easily adoptable into my generally busy day to day life. I especially appreciate her take on sugar – she welcomes the occasional sugar treat as opposed to giving it up completely which often is impossible and unsustainable. About seven weeks in, I am better informed about the quality and quantity of the food groups that are good for me and work for me, I manage my daily schedule better and last but not least I am still able to enjoy a glass of wine and piece of cake with friends with absolutely ZERO guilt.

-Prachi D

These last 6 months with Kripa’s nutrition program have been a delightful rediscovery of a healthy and energetic body through a few simple goals, mindful choices and lots of positive reinforcement. Kripa combines strong scientific principles of nutrition with a gentle and compassionate approach to healthy eating. I have enjoyed building healthy habits around food choices, drinking more water, savoring what I eat, and many other simple yet powerful shifts. I feel so much lighter and healthier from inside and confident that I can stay this way for years to come. Thank you, Kripa, for the empowering conversations, lots of food ‘wisdom’, some amazing recipes and most of all, your patience and genuine concern. Deeply grateful!

-Aparna M