This is an investment in your health.
One that earns lasting results.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Food Freedom
  • Balanced Weight
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Immune Support
  • Healed Gut
  • Reduced Sugar Cravings
  • Culinary Confidence
  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Stress Resilience
  • Better Sleep Quality

Heal your body, holistically.
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What Shield Addresses

  • S
    Stress & Sleep

    Stress is the wallpaper of the 21st century and good quality sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy and joyous life. We realize that eliminating stress is highly idealistic – therefore, through this pillar we equip you with the tool-kit to help you deal with it better.

  • H
    Hormones & Balance

    Whether it’s Insulin Resistance, PCOS or a dysfunctional thyroid – it’s essential to realize that medication often acts as a Band-Aid on a knife wound. Healing your amazingly delicate hormones requires small actions, practiced daily – because unfortunately, they aren’t something you can fix once and be on your way!

  • I
    Immunity & Gut Health

    Our digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria – some good, some bad. Maintaining this balance is essential for proper gut function, immunity, and even your mood! If compromised, you might experience constipation, fatigue, bloating, a sluggish metabolism, and more. Remember, all diseases begin in your gut!

  • E
    Energy & Food Addiction

    Yes, the two are connected and yes, food addiction is real! We all have days where our energy just falls flat, and we assume it’s just something we have to live with. That it’s a part and parcel of adulthood. While it is completely normal to feel sleepy sometimes, if it’s happening everyday - in spite of you sleeping well enough - it’s time to figure what’s making you feel so sluggish!

  • L
    Lifestyle & Relationships

    For many people, the nature of the relationships they currently hold - be it a parent, partner, boss or even child, tends to be a source of stress, and that this resultant stress can tremendously impact your health - whether you’re conscious off it or not. Here we will help you build a supportive environment, one that you deserve.

  • D
    Diets & Weight

    Food is medicine. But diets can be helpful when we’re working on a health issue, but in most cases they can be problematic with regard to our emotional health – especially when they’re being used to reach a societal ideal. Through this pillar, we will help you free yourself from the toxic diet cycle and find your peace with food and your body.

The Weekly Overview

  • Week 0Prep For Success
  • Week 1Break Up With Sugar
  • Week 2Mindful Eating
  • Week 3Stress Management
  • Week 4Body Image & Weight
  • Week 5Hormonal Balance
  • Week 6Fix Your Gut
  • Week 7Mind-Body Cleanse
  • Week 8Make It A Lifestyle

How Does It Work?

  • 1
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    Make sure you have an electronic device and Internet connection.
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    Get your Log in details.
  • 4
    Unlock the content for each week, as you progress.
  • 5
    Receive unconditional support, tools, and motivation.

What You Get?

  • Access to over 60 PDF’s

    Over 20-Ebooks

  • Convenient Healthy Recipes

    50+ Exclusive Recipes

  • Meal Plans/Eating Guides

    Menus/Eating Guides

  • Training Plan

    Training Plan

  • Supplement Guide

    Supplement Guide

  • Breathing Practices

    Breathing Practices

  • Lifetime access to an online Forum

    Online Forum

  • Weekly Intentions, Tips & Lifestyle Planners

    Weekly Tips

  • Video Support

    Video Support

A Personal Note

I’ve put my heart into the smallest details of this program. However, my favorite bits are definitely the focus on what to eat (and not how much), the self-care routines, the mental ninja-camp and the gentle approach towards balancing your weight and lifestyle.

Each week, we focus on ONE aspect of your health and tailor all the material to help you turn that one goal into a deep-seated habit.

There’s a HUGE amount of resources available for you. We guide you on everything from meal planning to grocery lists, reducing sugar cravings to stress management, improving sleep and practical mindfulness tools.

The principles around food are pretty much all based on common sense – and given that we’re focused on the long term – we also provide you with guidelines to enjoy treats and drink in moderation, if you choose to!

Lastly, there’s no guilt around following the program perfectly. The idea is not to kill yourself for 8-weeks or walk away with a PhD in healthcare. It’s about taking small steps towards long-term wellbeing, learning to be kind to yourself and remembering to release the pressure of doing it all at once.

You may lose weight and better your health, but I promise your biggest transformation will be how you feel, how you talk to yourself and how you view your body.


About Kripa

If you’ve ever had times in your life where you’ve bounced from diet to diet, been confused about the hundreds of mixed messages out there, felt a crippling sense of guilt around food, sensed your motivation and will power dwindle or think that you’ll never meet your goals – you are not alone.

You see, the diet culture instills a lot of fear. It treats a healthy lifestyle as an all-or-nothing process. But at our very core, we’re all rich, juicy, feeling filled creatures or as you would call it – emotional beings. We fall in love, we work, we laugh, we break down and we get right back up. We love food, we love our social lives and this idea of perfect fails to factor in your humanity.

Burgers To Beasts started as a creative outlet to share my expertise from my advanced education in nutrition and behavior change, personal experiences with a troubled food relationship and passion to help individuals create habits with ease, by designing ways of healthy living, that are unique to them. I was aware that I was meant to support other people's health journeys by gently nudging them to explore what's already within them.

Through our nutrition services - my objective is to put you back in control of your health and happiness; and help you consistently practice the habits you choose to adopt today, in the long run.

Our aim is fivefold; enable individuals to make informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles; work towards breaking the stigma around mental health; enhance sleep quality; encourage purposeful physical activity, and focus on stress management.

I wish for anyone who adopts the Burgers To Beasts philosophy to live mindfully, feel great, and most importantly not lose their minds while at it - because that’s something we all deserve no matter who we are, what we do, or what our health history is.


Can I Share Membership?

SHIELD is designed for you only – with each individual membership, comes a personal account and access to an online forum open for interaction with other members through the world. As a member, you will also have your own personal journal to record your progress and track your mindset through the 8 Weeks.

Can I Drink Alcohol/Have Cheat Meals During The 8 Weeks?

Given that we’re looking at this program as a model for a sustainable life, yes you can drink alcohol/indulge in your favorite foods if you choose to! We go over how you can incorporate these into your lifestyle and still achieve what’s best for your body, guilt free!

Can I Do The Program If I Travel Often?

Absolutely, we had the frequent flyers in mind while developing the program – so we created a travel guide. Plus not only is the program and eating guide super flexible, it’s tailor made to ensure that it can be followed from anywhere in the world, with whatever resources you have.

I’m extremely busy, can I still do the Program?

Remember health is not an all or nothing approach, each small change you make adds up over time. The intention of SHIELD is to show you how easy healthy living can be. Plus, we’ve got additional support for corporates/students and busy parents!

Can you lose/gain weight on SHIELD?

Your body is a direct outcome of how you feed and nurture it. So yes, this program is designed to help you to reach your best and most balanced weight. Whether it’s losing body fat through fixing your gut, hormones and eating habits or gaining muscle through movement and adequate fuel.

Can I do this program if I’m pregnant/suffer from a chronic illness?

While most of the program entails natural measures to help you better your lifestyle, we recommend that you seek permission and guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new diet or exercise regime.

I’m vegetarian / vegan / have certain food intolerances. Can I still join the challenge?

Absolutely. We won’t put hard and fast rules on what to eat/what to restrict. You will be provided with a list of foods and flexible eating guides/plans that you can customize to suit your lifestyle and preferences. You are the boss of your meals, we’re just here to nudge you in the right direction and support your journey.

What's the difference between SHIELD and Personalised Coaching?

SHIELD is an 8 week integrative online platform that works on all the pillars of your wellbeing - inclusive off but not limited to your gut health, hormones, relationship with food and stress. Consider it a mini course, one that equips you with all the tools to revamp your lifestyle and stay that way for good. However, unlike the personalised coaching plans which are more comprehensive/need based and customized to individual needs after 1:1 follow ups with Kripa - there is no unique tailoring offered in SHIELD. Although, you are provided with all the resources to face all the different situations that spring up along your health journey.

I don’t cook my own meals, will that be a problem?

SHIELD does not insist on specific inflexible meals/regimental diets. The tutorials/guides are focused on better ways to prep meals, ways to do damage control while eating out/travelling or simply make the best of what you have. There’s plenty of variety. With the recipes making for less than a quarter of the content – there’s plenty to gain on other fronts!