The Shield Program

Our 8-week all-in-one health, nutrition, and fitness software helps you build the skills you need to feel confident while transforming your life, not just your body.

While it’s commendable to want to do our best, most adults don’t have more than a couple of weeks to go after their fitness goals with an all-out effort. It can feel absurd to change your diet when you’re in the midst of chronic stress, looking for a job, going on vacation, caring for ailing parents, looking after kids, or being smacked in the face by a never-ending to-do list.

But what if we could reimagine what health could feel in the context of our messy, imperfect, and very real, human lives? SHIELD does just that.

Through the course of the 8 weeks, you’re expected to make one change and one change only. This single change is supported by a huge amount of resources rooted in nutrition, movement, and mindset – including eBooks, workouts, videos, supplementation advice, recipes, journaling prompts, mental ninja camps and more.

This all-in-one health, nutrition, and fitness platform helps you build the skills you need to thrive, live in peace, and feel confident while transforming your life, not just your body.

The Burgers To Beasts Non-Diet Approach + Innovative Software = Coaching Gold

Meet The Pillars







Invest in Your Health

What You Get As A Client

  • eBooks

  • Exclusive Recipes

  • Training Plan

  • Supplement Guide

  • Mental Ninja Camp

  • Online Forum

  • Private Journal

  • Videos & More

What To Expect

  • Freedom from annoying and restrictive food rules

  • Reduced sugar cravings and balanced blood sugar

  • Improved menstrual health and PMS

  • Less gut distress, acidity, bloating, and constipation

  • Enhanced energy levels and sleep quality

  • Elevated stress resilience, mood, and body confidence

  • All-rounded approach to healing your body, holistically

How It Works...

  • 01

    Sign up from anywhere in the world.

  • 02

    Get your log in details.

  • 03

    Access the content for week 0.

  • 04

    Complete the prep week.

  • 05

    Unlock weekly content as you progress!


What about my dietary preferences?

Whether you are plant-based, love meat, have food allergies or intolerances, we respect your cultural, ethical, and dietary preferences and have got them covered. The program contains flexible eating guidelines that you can customize to your preferences. Additionally, the recipes come with vegetarian, vegan, as well as non-vegetarian options. They’re suggestions – not mandates!

How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss/gain depends on a number of factors including nutrient deficiencies, underlying health issues, genetic predisposition, medication use, health history, and more. Given that we’re all such unique snowflakes, with different conditioning and tendencies, we cannot foresee the future, without actually knowing you and working with you. That being said, we believe that the human body can lose 2 kilos per month in a safe manner.

What about supplements?

You can take specific supplements based on your health goals. However, we recommend that one have a basic foundational stack of supplements. From there, you can build on it, based on their individual needs.

Are exercise recommendations made?

While we provide weekly workouts, you can most certainly follow your own training plan. This is simply a suggestion for anyone looking for structure, anyone starting out and/or anyone looking for a new way to move!

What’s the difference between SHIELD and Personal Nutrition Coaching?

SHIELD is an online course, that focuses on a different aspect of health, each week. It’s designed to provide you with a huge number of resources, which you can come back and refer to at any point in your life. It provides the basic foundation of wellbeing for those looking to improve their health on their own time. In contrast, in our personal nutrition coaching program, you work 1:1 with Kripa to develop customized meal plans and lifestyle suggestions, for your specific needs/health goals/illnesses.

I don’t cook my own meals; will that be a problem?

No! Our tutorials/guides suggest ways to prep meals, means to damage control while eating out/travelling, or simply doing what you can, with what you have. With the recipes making for less than a quarter of the content – there’s plenty to gain on other fronts including lifestyle, movement and stress!

Can I drink alcohol/have cheat meals during the program?

Given that we’re looking at this program as a model for a sustainable life, yes you can drink alcohol/indulge in your favorite foods if you choose to! We don’t want you feeling burdened by the suggestions we’re making; we want you to feel excited about the possibility of change! Therefore, we will go over how you can incorporate indulgences into your lifestyle and still achieve what’s best for your body, guilt free!

Can I do the program if I travel often?

Absolutely, we had the frequent flyers in mind while developing the program. Plus not only is the program and eating guide super flexible, it’s tailor made to ensure that it can be followed from anywhere in the world, even with limited resources.

Where do I go for questions?

While you have access to an exclusive online community, we encourage you to reach out to us via email, whenever you need. You will typically receive a response within the same day, during working hours.