Wellness Consult

Maybe you're angry that your health is giving up on you, or it's been a while since you've been at peace with your body, or you're confused about all the contradicting information out there, or maybe all of those things or none of them.

The truth is that each journey is different and you have to love yourself and forgive your body and life for not being perfect. You simply cannot shame your way into health or achieving balanced weight.

Our one-time wellness consults are designed to separate health from havoc and show you just how easy healthy living can be.

During this 60-minute session, we do a deep dive into your health history, assess your current needs, review any available lab-work, provide education about your individual focus-areas, answer all your queries, and wrap up with emailing you a mutually agreed upon framework that helps you meet your health objectives.

However, above and beyond your customized guidelines, no meal plans, eBooks, trackers, or supporting materials are shared during or after the consult.
If you’re looking for a complete lifestyle overhaul, detailed guidance, continued accountability, follow ups and support, or personalized meal plans – our nutrition coaching program would best fit your needs.

What You Get As A Client

  • Lifestyle Assessment Session
    Lifestyle Assessment Session

    Work directly with Kripa, ask questions, find the root cause of all your health problems, review your individual deep-health matrix, and understand what makes you, you.

  • Supplement Strategy
    Supplement Strategy

    Develop a protocol that meets your daily nutrient requirements, fills the gaps in your ‘diet’, and supports your unique health conditions.

  • Unique Frame Work
    Unique Frame Work

    Receive a completely unique, doable, and customized set of guidelines that address your health history, current lifestyle, and future goals.

Invest In Your Health

  • Wellness Consult - Online

    • One, 60-minute Consult
    • Video/Phone Call Sessions
    • Lifestyle Assessment Session
    • Supplement Strategy
    • Unique Frame Work
    46 | 3,250 INR
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  • Wellness Consult - In Person

    • One, 60-minute Consult
    • One, Body Composition Test
    • Lifestyle Assessment Session
    • Supplement Strategy
    • Unique Frame Work
    54 | 3,750 INR
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** Your safety is our number one priority and owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing clients in-person in an extremely limited capacity. In case you would like to sign-up for this session, please send us an email nutrition@burgerstobeasts.com and we will send you a private link to book and schedule a session based on mutual availability! Please note that we do not offer medical treatments or conduct lab-tests.

Wondering If We're A Good Fit?

Schedule a free 10-minute exploration call with our team. We'll take you through what to expect through our program.

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