• In Person

    Come into our office for some coffee
    and a chat!

    • 40 - 60 minutes
    • 1 on 1 Interaction
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Dietary assessment
    • Understanding of your needs, history, goals, likes and dislikes
    • Suggestions to better eating habits
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  • Online

    Speak to us from anywhere
    in the world!

    • 30 - 40 minutes
    • 1 on 1 Interaction over Skype/Phone Call
    • No Body Composition Analysis
    • Dietary Assessment
    • Understanding of your needs, history, inclination, likes and dislikes
    • Suggestions to better eating habits
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  • 1,500
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The consultations do not include “diet” plans, kindly click here to purchase one


Step 1. Get in touch with us via email, call or the contact form. We want to hear your story and your questions. We’d also like to share our philosophy with you. If it fits your needs, we can set up an appointment/call.

Step 2. In the initial consultation we develop a deeper understanding of your current eating habits, your lifestyle, physical activity levels, health history and desired goals.

Step 3. If you’d like, you could go ahead with a nutrition plan, else based on our conversation we’d simply make suggestions for you to better your eating habits.


Have any more queries? Feel free to email or call us, we’re always happy to help.

What is the difference between a consultation
and customized nutrition plan ?

  • Our consultations are meagerly for individuals looking to get some guidance and/or review their current eating habits. These do not include comprehensive plans
  • The customized nutrition plans include comprehensive – calculated “diet” plans, with options, suggestions, supplementation strategies and lifestyle guidelines.

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