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Before & After: How A Balanced Diet Helped This Engineer Go From Fat To Fit

Written By: Rushabh

Before & After: How A Balanced Diet Helped This Engineer Go From Fat To Fit


Meet Kripa Jalan, an engineering grad with a degree in electronics and now working as a specialist in sports nutrition. From being a fat teenager to a kick-ass sports nutritionist, Kripa achieved all of this by not falling for those dreaded stereotypical ‘diets’. Instead, she followed a rather balanced meal coupled with strength and conditioning and daily workout due to which she is now fitter than ever, helping all those who wish to be fitter without cutting out on meals.

Her Story

Kripa’s story is something which all of us can relate to: a fat teenager who didn’t give two thoughts before indulging in those frequent candies and pizzas, right before the peer pressure kicked in. Then started the age-old tradition of being on a diet and skipping meals to gain that “society-acceptable” thin frame. But when she finally got that desired frame, she couldn’t resist indulging on all the food that she had been missing out on. What happened next is that she turned back to her old-self, albeit a lot unhealthier.

That’s when she decided that she would no longer follow the diet plans, and instead, concentrate on becoming healthier and fitter systematically.

Her Diet

She tries to avoid processed sugar, eats adequate protein and good fats and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies- basically less packaged food, more fresh food. When out, Kripa usually eats at The Pantry, Indigo Deli and 212 All good which are her favourites. She prefers opting for chicken/eggs {cooked in any manner} with vegetables as a must. She doesn’t believe in cheat meals and not because she deprives herself of anything, but it has now just become a way of life.

Her Fitness Regime

Kripa works out at The Willingdon Club as well as 303 CrossFit Drive and is currently following a strength and conditioning program which includes some elements of weightlifting {cleans and snatches}, powerlifting {squats, bench, deadlift}, gymnastics {push ups, pull ups} and metabolic conditioning {also called cardio/ HIIT}. She follows this program Monday to Saturday with Sunday as mandatory rest day. Unlike what the general misconception is, Kripa says that lifting doesn’t make one bulky or masculine. Rather, it helps make your muscles stronger and eventually makes you feel better at everyday life. As it is evident from her pictures, lifting has transformed her from being unfit to fit.

Her Mantra

Today, Kripa is a certified sports nutritionist and the founder-director of Burgers to Beasts which helps people achieve their fitness goals without following horrid diets. On her transformation, Kripa quips that her story is not that of a fat to thin script, but rather that of an unhealthy to healthy one. She believes that starvation isn’t the solution to losing oodles of weight, rather it makes you susceptible to weakness and being deprived. Rather, go ahead and have that pizza but don’t neglect them greens. Have that plate of fries, but don’t skip out on your training.

As featured in: LBB