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3 Nutritionist-Approved Post Workout Meals To Add To Your Diet

Written By: Nishtha Parwani

3 Nutritionist-Approved Post Workout Meals To Add To Your Diet

While we’re all at home, trying out different forms of exercises to achieve a perfect workout routine, it’s equally essential to eat the right fuel building and fat burning foods. When our bodies are in motion, we tend to get tired and sweat through our clothes. It's important to replenish what we've lost. Post-workout meals add fuel to your workout, they increase the efficacy of your recovery post strength training as well. It's necessary to eat foods that help you rebuild and prevent inflammations. With numerous post-workout options available everywhere, choosing the correct workout meal might seem like a hurdle. We spoke to Kripa Jalan, a Harvard University-trained nutritionist and founder of Burgers To Beasts  – a non-diet, nutrition company, to find out the essential post-workout meals. Mentioned below are the three basic workout meals that her clients swear by.

A post-workout meal has 3 overarching purposes:

(1) Replenish energy stores; 
(2) Improve muscle size/ quality
(3) Damage repair (muscle breakdown) caused during the workout

"Depending on what you eat prior to your workout, you can choose to have a simple shake or a full meal within the 1-2-hour window, post-workout," adds Kripa.

Here are some of the go-to recipes Kripa prescribes to her clients :

During times when your appetite is low - 

Recovery Shake:

-Use a base of iced water or unsweetened plant-based milk,
- Add a serving of protein powder ( with no added sugar/artificial sweeteners),
- Add a portion of fruit (bananas and berries work great),
- Add a serving of healthy fat (nuts/nut butter)
- Mix all of them thoroughly and feel free to boost it with some frozen spinach or powdered greens!

When you want to eat something light -

Greek Yoghurt Bowl:

- Use plain Greek yoghurt as a base for your protein, 
- Top it with fresh or frozen fruit (mangoes, berries),
- Finish it off with some seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia) for fibre and healthy fats.

When you feel like having substantial portions -

Protein Bowl:

- Incorporate a quick digesting grain like plain white rice.
- Add 2-3 servings of non-starchy vegetables (can be a sabji or salad).
- Most importantly, a palm or two of protein (chicken, eggs, fish, dals, tofu).

As featured in: Grazia