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6 Ways To Boost Your Energy, ASAP!

Written By: Aparrna Gupta

6 Ways To Boost Your Energy, ASAP!

Need to get cracking on your to-do list? Here's how you can spend your days feeling more energetic. 

You've spent the last couple of months at home—working, eating, sleeping and repeating that schedule every single day. Now that the country is slowly opening back up again and social obligations might be filling up your calendar, it's likely that you're feeling more fatigued than usual. You've been expending a lot less physical energy over lockdown, so you're used to a lower level of strain, and getting the energy for all the activities you'll have can feel exhausting. Whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline or are simply fatigued from all the new stimulation, there are all-natural ways to put a little pep back in your step. We asked the experts what you can do now. 

1) Get moving

It may seem paradoxical that exercise, which makes us feel tired afterwards, can boost our energy and fight fatigue. Exercise improves energy by increasing muscle mass, improving circulation and boosting mood. “I would recommend moving your body to increase blood flow to the brain and allowing post-exercise endorphins to make you feel energised. Getting through a workout and achieving your goals not only makes you feel accomplished but also proves that you are in control of how good you can feel,” says Shereena Master, mobility coach and fitness trainer. 

2) Maintain a sleep routine

Prioritise sleep. “Sleep serves a restorative function for the body. During sleep, the brain is relatively in a low metabolic state, and this helps the lymphatic system clear out toxins that have accumulated during the day. Memories are consolidated during sleep, and the different systems of the body are in a restful state. Lack of sleep affects concentration, attention span, reaction time and learning,” explains Dr Lancelot Pinto, consultant pulmonologist, PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC. It is best to put together an effective wind-down routine in the evening to support a good night's sleep, whether that might be meditating, journaling or completing your skincare routine. 

3) Check for deficiencies

While it is completely normal to feel exhausted through the afternoon on some days, if you're feeling sluggish, tired and unfocused every day, it could be due to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. "Low Vitamin D3 and iron levels are directly linked to fatigue. I’d recommend working with your healthcare practitioner, to figure out the root cause as well as a suitable treatment plan to amp up your energy,” says nutritionist Kripa Jalan.

4) Start your day with protein

Intake of adequate protein and healthy fats keeps your blood sugar balanced, so your energy stays balanced without a crash. Protein also boosts alertness and helps stabilise insulin levels, so you’ll have the focus and energy to face the day. “I recommend starting the day with eggs, plain greek yoghurt, sprouts, lentils or a plant-based protein powder in a smoothie. It will start your day on the right foot," confirms Jalan. 

5) Watch out for sugar

One of the main reasons for low energy levels is that your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster ride. “Remember the last time you ate some sugar or bread? You probably felt super energetic and full of life… for about five minutes. Soon, after the high begins to wear off, your focus diminishes and before you know it, you’re left exhausted and craving more sugar. This sets of an endless loop” says Jalan. Instead, reach out for fruit for a quick boost. “To sustain energy through the day, pair the fruit with a source of dietary fat such as nuts or seeds,” recommends Jalan. 

6) Take the time to breathe

Take a long, deep breath when you’re feeling extra tired, and you’ll find an instant surge, as oxygen is sent to your brain and throughout your body’s cells. Experts say that double breathing (in which you inhale through the nose with a short inhalation and then a long, strong one, after which you exhale the same way) excites the sympathetic nervous system and make you more alert. 

As Featured in: Vogue India